Taking Care of Business with Catalyst

Taking Care of Business with Catalyst

Lignetics Inc. upcycles over 1,500,000 tons of wood waste a year, turning it into heating pellets and barbecue pellets, among other products used around the home. Among its pet-specific products is Catalyst cat litter, which is engineered from upcycled soft wood fiber to offer performance and peace of mind. With sustainability and a responsibility to the planet at the core of its DNA, Catalyst cat litter is lightweight and offers superior odor control, great clumping, low dust and unrivaled cat acceptance. Catalyst comes in three varieties: Healthy Cat Formula, Multi-Cat Formula and Unscented Formula.

Having experienced some litter challenges with our resident Blue-Point Siamese, Pippa, we decided to try the Healthy Cat Formula and Multi-Cat Formula. Almost eight months old, Pippa is full of kitten energy, even when she uses the litter box. Tracking her litter around is a daily ordeal, with some days worse than others. Her current litter is dusty, which is a big problem for us. Having a lung disease forces me to not be able to go near it, and Pippa’s dad has to be on litter duty. But it’s also not good for Pippa, either. Additionally, it doesn’t mask her smelly business as well as we would like it to. Having heard about the Catalyst litter, we wanted to see if it would help address our litter struggles.

We started with the Healthy Cat Formula. True to its description, it is lightweight, dust-free and has a soft, pleasant odor. The bag has two different methods for transitioning. Since we only have the one litter box, we went with the mixing method. We started with half of Pippa’s old litter and half of the Healthy Cat Formula. Pippa took a few moments to inspect the scent and feel of the new litter, but she didn’t hesitate to do her business. The combination of Pippa’s business and the litter does let off a different scent from the litter itself, but it is in no way a bad scent. And we were happy that when Pippa was done, the new litter didn’t stick to her paws. Only the old litter did.

When the time came to scoop, we noticed that the litter absorbed her pee very well. However, it didn’t have as strong of a clump as we like or are accustomed to. Still, we were quite happy with the results of the Healthy Cat Formula.

A few days later, we tried the Multi-Cat Formula. This time, we used 100% of this litter and none of her old litter. Pippa is fully comfortable using this new litter now, going about her bathroom routine as if the litter never changed. We were incredibly happy to see just in the first day that the litter did not stick to her paws and was not being tracked around the apartment, and the odor from her business is well masked and instead replaced with a soft wood scent. Even better was the fact that scooping her business was much easier, as the Multi-Cat Formula has an enhanced clumping formulation.

Although we do not have multiple cats, the Multi-Cat Formula is the best litter option of the two varieties for Pippa due to its superior clumping ability. But we are pleased with the performance of both litter varieties. Both have no dust and fantastic odor control. We are definitely ditching our old litter and keeping our options open for litter products like Catalyst.

It’s important to keep in mind that litter products do not fix or cover when cats have trouble doing their business. If your cat’s business doesn’t smell right or you notice they are having trouble, consult your veterinarian right away.

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