The Suit that Suits Your Pet

The Suit that Suits Your Pet

When it comes to spaying or neutering your cat or dog, the initial recovery process can be worrisome for you, as well as frustrating for your beloved companion. And joke as we might about the “cone of shame,” it’s not always the best option for every pet, especially if the pet is young or tinier than most.

That’s why Suitical developed its Recovery Suit for cats and dogs. The Recovery Suit protects your pet and environment during recovery after a medical procedure, like spay and neuter, or pets with a skin condition and a lot more. It’s recommended by veterinarians as an alternative to the cone, collar or full body bandage. With soft stretch bands for the front legs, pets can move around easily. There are also loops in the neck portion of the suit to secure your pet’s collar. Most importantly, pets can do their business comfortably and without worry thanks to the specially tailored opening in the back and adjustable press stud buttons. With a patented breathable design, it is machine washable and reusable. It comes in various sizes and is available at a number of stores and online.

Being 6 months old, our resident Blue-Point Siamese Pippa recently had her spay appointment. She behaved like a calm, elegant feline ignoring her incision for hours at the veterinarian’s office, and our vet assured us that use of a post-surgery product would be minimal or unnecessary. But upon being brought home, Pippa immediately began licking her incision site. This resulted in us quickly attempting to put her in a homemade sock onesie. But Pippa struggled and uncharacteristically growled, making this endeavor challenging and eventually impossible. Ultimately, her incision bled a miniscule amount from her licking it. Thus, Pippa was rushed back to the vet’s office. Our vet comically scolded her, and she had no problem sassing him until he officially gave her an infamous plastic cone.

The vet knew she wouldn’t be fond of the cone, like most pets, but was confident in its ability to work for her despite being a tad too big. But Pippa is too smart for her own good. Hating the cone and also being more petite than the average kitten, she found a way to take the cone off her head several times. This resulted in us making a makeshift harness with a ribbon that went under and around her front arms and better secured the cone around her neck. We have to note that the harness underwent several structure alterations before we finally found a way to keep the cone on her for good. Of course, all this wasn’t enough. Pippa eventually figured out that she could still reach her incision. So we had to make a little skirt out of another sock to cover the incision as best as we could. Without a doubt, Pippa looked ridiculous in her getup, but it seemed to work. However, because we had already gone through several incidents with Pippa and various DIY crafts, one of us stayed in the same room with her overnight to keep an eye on her. Sleep being difficult would be an understatement.

Needless to say, the Suitical Recovery Suit coming in the next day was a lifesaver for us and Pippa. Although she mostly got accustomed to the cone by the next morning, she was relieved when we removed everything and slipped her into the suit, which made putting it on her easy for us. Even without all that, we found the suit in general to be easy to put on. We got the smallest size Recovery Suit (XXXS), which is 11.4" to 14.6" from collar to the base of the tail. It is the perfect fit for Pippa — not too big and not too tight. And it covered her incision site easily, unlike our makeshift sock creations.

Although the feel of having fabric on her body was weird at first, Pippa adapted quickly and moved around normally. She first went to her food and water bowls, immediately shoving her face into them since the cone had made that difficult for her. She also was able to get in and out of her covered litter box easier, as she would get stuck on the door temporarily with the cone. Overall, she was moving a lot easier with the Recovery Suit. And based on her quickly falling asleep not too long after putting the suit on her and sleeping well into the night, we gather she was a lot more comfortable, too.

Pippa still has some more time to recover, but so far, her incision is healing well and she is loving the suit, especially since it keeps her nice and warm. And we give the Suitical Recovery Suit two thumbs up after our initial experiences. Our only issue with the Recovery Suit is the lack of color and pattern choices; camouflage is not our taste for this little girl. But this is incredibly minor compared to the benefits it brought us and Pippa. Naturally, Pippa was able to figure out on the second day how to unfasten the press stud buttons, but even we cannot expect a product to be meezer-proof.

It’s important to note that like cones, collars, bandages or other post-surgery products, the Recovery Suit is not a deterrent for infection or damage to the incision site. Be sure to check on the incision site from time to time and limit your pet’s activity following the procedure. Consult your veterinarian if any issues arise.

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