Runway-Worthy Pup Accessories

Runway-Worthy Pup Accessories

Pink Papyrus is a company that caters to dog owners who are seeking pet apparel and accessories that enable them to stand out in a crowd. The designer recently launched a line of stylish leashes, bandanas and waste bag dispensers that are meant to turn an ordinary dog into the talk of the town.

Pink Papyrus describes the new line as 100% chemical-free, hand-grown organic cotton leashes, convenient waste bag dispenser and flexible, double-sided print bandanas. According to the company, it is committed to sourcing organic, environmentally friendly and chemical-free textiles for use in its leashes, which are designed to be attractive and seriously strong. The cotton leash is weatherproof, hypoallergenic, soft, lightweight and naturally elastic. And as a way to further reduce the company’s carbon footprint, it has forgone the use of heavy machinery and hand crafts each leash. Because each leash is made and dyed by hand, color variations between leashes of the same design should be expected.

We contacted our resident glam expert, who was presented with a Watercolor Dreams bandana and waste bag holder along with the Bluesteel leash to try on her fashionista pug, Penny. The owner reported that the pup took an immediate liking to the set, and it was an all-around hit.

Penny’s owner stated that the leash material was as advertised – soft yet sturdy – and she had no problem controlling Penny during their walks. The solid brass 360-degree swivel snap hook and o-ring were quality material, and the leash pattern with the threading accent created a glamorous appearance that turned heads.

The waste bag holder, which easily clipped onto the leash, came in handy not only for dispensing poop bags, but also for its ability to hold keys, ID and other items that Penny’s owner desired during the walk. Lightweight yet durable, the dispenser held a standard roll of waste bags and a few treats, which came in handy when one was needed to get Penny’s attention.

The final item in the ensemble, the classic tie-on bandana with a double-sided print, was a perfect piece for a pug that wants to turn heads in the neighborhood. Penny’s owner noted that the precious pug didn’t react in a way that showed she was uncomfortable with the accessory. In fact, the material used to create the hand-stitched bandana was flexible, and Penny seemed to be happy to rock such a colorful outfit and was strutting toward anyone who caught a glimpse of her. Thanks to the matching designs, she’s become the star of the neighborhood.

Penny’s owner gives the Pink Papyrus set a big thumb’s up. It should be noted that our test subject was a pug, so we cannot verify that the leash would be an appropriate product for large dogs that have a tendency to pull. Pink Papyrus claims that its leashes have a tensile strength of up to 2,800 pounds, which should hold up to excessive leash pulling. However, a leash is only part of the issue when a dog is lunging and putting an enormous amount of stress on an owner’s shoulder.

If you want to make a statement in your neighborhood or plan to take your pup on a trip where you want to be noticed, Pink Papyrus is the product for you. And there are plenty of designs to choose from, so there’s a good chance that you’ll find the perfect look for your pooch.

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