Shark Redefines Pet Hair Cleanup

Shark Redefines Pet Hair Cleanup

SharkNinja, the company known for creating the familiar household brands Shark and Ninja, recently launched its Shark APEX UpLight, a vacuum designed to provide the deep-cleaning power of a big upright vacuum with the ultra-lightweight versatility of a stick vacuum.

Built with more suction power than the average upright vacuum, the UpLight makes use of some of Shark’s best cleaning technologies. Among them is DuoClean technology, a dual-brush system that tackles large, small and stuck-on particles on carpets and floors for a polished look. The vacuum’s self-cleaning brushroll also handles long hair and pet hair without any hair wrap.

In addition, Shark describes the UpLight as featuring Shark’s lightest Lift-Away pod. Being lighter than Shark’s original Lift-Away, this detachable pod lets you clean above the floor in two ways: with an integrated hose for tight spaces and detailed cleaning, or in handheld mode for cleaning such items as furniture and stairs. Shark notes the following additional product highlights:

  • HyperVelocity accelerated suction delivers a direct airflow path for incredible deep-cleaning performance.
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology with a HEPA filter traps more than 99.9% of dust, dirt and allergens inside the vacuum cleaner, keeping them out of the air.

We decided to try out the UpLight on a two-dog household that’s been experiencing a lot of shedding during these summer months. The first thing that we noticed was that it is small, which is great for homes that have limited storage space. Upon turning it on, we discovered that the UpLight is also much quieter than your average vacuum, which was nice as there was no noise to drive the dogs crazy to the point of them feeling the need to bark during the entire cleaning session.

The vacuum, which boasts a 30-foot cord, was put to the test on multiple surfaces, including carpeting and hardwood floors. The UpLight performed admirably, cleaning upholstery and sucking up stubborn dog hair. We found it to be extremely powerful, and it didn’t require repeated passes to remove dirt that’s buried in deep pile carpet. It was also nimble, easily handling corners and difficult-to-reach spaces, including under chairs, around low tables and behind the dog crates.

With the motor in the pod and not near the brush head, we didn’t experience debris being blown away from the head, as can be the case with other vacuums. And we also liked the dual LED lights on the brush head, which enhanced visibility and enabled us to notice the hair and dust that we needed to clean — and it made us realize we needed to vacuum more than once a week during the summer. The self-cleaning brushroll was effective in preventing pet hair and long hair from wrapping around the brushroll, which was something that became an annoyance with other vacuums.

The only aspect that we would deem a negative for the UpLight was its Lift-Away pod. Although it’s described as the lightest among Shark’s detachable pod lineup, it was heavy enough to make the cleaning of above-the-floor locations a tiresome experience. We still enjoyed the ability to separate the pod from the rest of the unit and then incorporate the extendable hose to clean walls and ceiling corners, but we think some sort of shoulder strap could be included to help relieve the stress of lugging around the pod.

We found the Shark APEX UpLight to be a well-crafted vacuum that thus far has held up very well to the heavy workload that we’ve given it. We highly recommend this vacuum, which comes with a five-year limited warranty.

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