Nourish Backyard Poultry with This Feed

Nourish Backyard Poultry with This Feed

Purina Organic Feed for backyard poultry is manufactured by Purina Mills, which is the farm animal feeds unit of Land O’ Lakes. It’s a complete feed for chicks and pullets (a hen, under a year old, that isn’t ready to lay eggs as its body is still developing).

This USDA-certified organic line of poultry feed is available in a starter-grower, layer pellets, layer crumbles and scratch grains. It contains no genetically modified organisms (GMOs), antibiotics, animal byproducts, growth hormones or fillers. Instead, the feed focuses on simple, wholesome ingredients that deliver essential nutrients to backyard flocks.

Quality formulated feeds cover the essential needs of nutrition for chickens, ducks, turkey and geese with wholesome, naturally sourced ingredients to promote healthy, productive birds. A properly developed layer flock will always outperform poorly raised ones, which is why it is extremely important to feed backyard poultry correctly, starting from the first day they arrive and continuing right on through to the laying cycle.

While raising a flock of Cayuga and khaki Campbell ducklings, six hens and two drakes, we fed the ducklings Purina Organic Starter-Grower feed. The crumbles—which are small enough particles to ensure the ducklings received proper nutrition in every bite—provided the birds with the correct levels of energy, protein, vitamins and minerals that are perfect for a strong start and early development.

Since ducks don’t absorb niacin (vitamin B3) as efficiently as chickens do, we added nutritional yeast as a supplement to ensure the ducklings received a substantial amount of niacin, which is an essential nutrient for young bones as they develop. It also helps the body use fat, carbs and protein and turn it all into energy.

The Starter-Grower feed with added niacin supplement has led to healthy, active ducks that have been strong egg layers. The added fact that they were raised on USDA-certified organic feed assured us that they developed on a diet free from pesticides, fertilizers and GMOs.

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