Notso Normal Catnip Toys

Notso Normal Catnip Toys

Drawing inspiration from felines is what led Wendy Casazza Scruton to create Notso Kitty. She began making hats and placing them on the heads of her two cats, Fluffy and Notso Fluffy, as a source of amusement. She decided to make this her calling and founded Notso Kitty in 2015 in Salem, Massachusetts. Although Notso Fluffy and Fluffy passed away 2016 and 2017, respectively, their legacy remains alive. Wendy’s catastic products can be found at retail spots around the U.S and at one of Notso Kitty’s many pop-up shopping experiences.

Notso Kitty offers an array of feline accessories and toys, as well as accessories for cat lovers and owners. Notso Kitty’s Catnip Kickers are perfect presents for your kitty or your favorite feline lovers. The catnip kickers are handmade and are just the thing to get cats in a great mood. Each one is stuffed with organic catnip and polyfill to keep cats entertained for hours. The outer layer is made of fabric that comes in a large assortment of colorful prints, like mice, rainbows or sushi, to grab your cats’ attention. Each kicker is about 4.5"-5.5" long and comes in sets of two.

As a lover of catnip toys, we tried a pair of these catnip kickers on our resident Siamese, Obi. No product is without a proper meezer inspection. However, he unexpectedly cut his usual inspection short as he immediately wanted to play with the kickers upon catching a whiff of the potent catnip scent.

Most of his catnip toys have one of two purposes: to be gnawed and bunny-kicked or to be thrown into the air and caught in his mouth. Because the Notso Kitty Catnip Kickers are light and narrow, they can serve both purposes. Obi was more than pleased to lick, bite and bunny-kick them one minute and then roll them around the floor with his paws the next.

Because Obi is a naturally playful kitty, there are moments where he enjoys playing by himself and will be batting and carrying toys around the room. But even while he does his solo playing, someone is always keeping a close eye on him not only because it is entertaining to watch him, but to ensure he doesn’t hurt himself, especially since he likes to toss his toys into the air from time to time.

And with the kickers being light, Obi was more than content tossing them into the air and trying to catch them in his mouth. Unfortunately, we could not get him doing this on film, as he has a bit of cattitude when it comes to him playing by himself in a room where no one is around. He showed his refusal to be filmed doing his solo play by bringing the toy to one of his owners and waiting for us to toss it for him to catch. We guess that his cattitude about it is that if we have time to film him playing by himself, we have time to play with him (and that’s more important to His Highness). He at least cooperated for a picture before the toys were thrown to be caught; of course, that wasn’t without him showing some sass.

The kickers have been left out on the floor for hours, and every now and then, they end up in a new spot on the floor. Obi is happy to return to his kickers in between napping, eating and drinking. Notso Kitty Catnip Kickers are his new favorite toys, and he gives them all four of his meezer paws up.

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