Luca + Danni’s Bracelet is Pet-tastic

Luca + Danni’s Bracelet is Pet-tastic

Luca + Danni is an American-made jewelry brand founded on the desire of celebrating personal journey. Fred Magnanimi, who founded the company, lost his younger brother in 2013 to cancer, and that motivated Fred to leave his job as an investment banker to relocate his family to Rhode Island and return to his roots in his family’s jewelry manufacturing business.

Launched in honor of his brother’s memory, Fred’s company creates stacking bracelets that sit on top of a wrist with the intent of expressing the things that matter the most to the wearer.

“We are proud to carry on a deeply rooted family tradition and to handcraft jewelry that is uncompromised in its construction,” notes Fred on the Luca + Danni website. “We are born in the USA, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

As Fred states, “We craft the jewelry. You create the story.”

We learned that the brand recently launched a personalized pawprint bangle that would be ideal for animal lovers who are looking for a way to have their best fur friend with them at all times. Luca + Danni allows a person to put any pet photo on the handmade bracelet by simply choosing a size, bracelet finish (brass or silver) and then uploading the picture onto the brand’s website. The company states the production time takes less than a week.

We were intrigued, so we decided to contact the owner of Marlin, an American bulldog rescue. We asked for her favorite photo of Marlin that has special meaning to her. She chose one of Marlin showing off a big smile, then selected the size and finish of the bracelet, which we submitted on the Luca + Danni website. In less than a week, a package containing a jewelry box arrived. The box contained the personalized brass bracelet, along with an attractive essence card, in a sealable bag.

The bracelet is handcrafted from brass and artisanal metals, with a hook-and-catch closure. The custom print in the pawprint has an epoxy overlay to ensure its durability. When we presented the boxed bracelet, Marlin’s owner was elated and loved the concept of having her beloved pup on her wrist for her to see. She now calls the bracelet a cherished piece of jewelry that captures the warmth and spirit of Marlin (although nothing tops the real dog).

A bracelet being a tribute that honors a pet is a terrific concept, and Luca + Danni hits a home run with its design of the personalized pawprint bangle. More delicate than clunky, this bracelet has a simple yet eye-catching appearance. We recommend it for people who are seeking a gift for themselves or for the pet-loving person in their life.

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