Keep Your Pup Clean and Moisturized

Keep Your Pup Clean and Moisturized

Dr. Evan Antin’s Happy Pet line of veterinarian-recommended products for dogs includes Original Shampaw! (lemongrass and rosemary mint; infused with aloe), which cleans oil and dirt from fur; Cuddle Me! Conditioner (lemongrass and rosemary mint; infused with aloe), to help keep fur soft, shiny and hydrated; and Pawesome! Paw Moisturizer (with manuka honey and cocoa butter), which moisturizes and hydrates dry, cracked paws.

The smell of the shampoo is very fresh and not too overpowering, especially compared to other dog shampoos that seem to have a chemical or neutral scent. We used the product on Buddy, one of our test dogs. It didn’t lather to the extent that we’re used to and we felt like we had to use a lot. To be fair, Buddy is a big dude and has a thick undercoat in addition to his coarser top coat. That being said, his fur is now noticeably softer, very cuddle-friendly and has stayed that way for more than a week.

The two-step process (shampoo and then conditioner) was maybe a little trying on Buddy’s patience. Though he’s a trooper, bath time isn’t his favorite activity, so having to shampoo, rinse, condition, rinse and then dry was a bit of a feat—but overall it was worth it!

The moisturizer was also helpful since Bud’s paws get pretty dry, especially during the winter. We typically use bag balm on his pads, but the consistency of this product was way easier to navigate and didn’t cause concern about ruining whatever surfaces his feet might end up on.

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