K9 Granola Factory’s Reason to Celebrate

K9 Granola Factory’s Reason to Celebrate

K9 Granola Factory is an independent dog treat manufacturer founded in Pennsylvania based on the desire to craft a local dog treat, made by local people. After finding the perfect granola batch, a recipe was created that featured a combination of ingredients producing flavors that dogs would find impossible to resist.

The family business, which includes three generations, has been growing but continues to promise treat flavors that are not only nutritious but delicious too. The company states that granola is not only in its name but is the brand’s way of life. K9 Granola also notes that its ingredients, bags, labels and seals are sourced in the U.S., with packaging facilities located in Pennsylvania Dutch country.

Birthday Cake is one of the newest additions to the Soft Bakes Collection and, according to the company, has become a top pick.

We decided to test the flavor with Vicki, our husky-collie mix who recently celebrated her ninth birthday. We sadly didn’t do anything special to celebrate the big day, so this would be our way to offer her a delicious treat that’s a safe way for her to enjoy a birthday cake.

These soft-baked treats, which come in 12-ounce packages, are cute balls that are coated with colorful sprinkles to enhance the birthday theme. The ingredients include barley flour, palm oil, oat flour, rolled oats, honey, brown rice syrup, flax, coconut glycerin and whey. The treats contain no wheat, corn or soy. The colorful jimmies are made of sugar, corn starch, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, soy lecithin, confectioner’s glaze, carnauba wax, natural and artificial flavors (which we find odd since the package says the product is “All-Natural”) and coloring. In terms of the calorie count, each treat contains 37 kilocalories, so giving a couple of treats a day won’t seriously impact a dog’s diet and result in obesity.

When we opened the package, we found the treats in a sealed plastic bag. Once that was opened, we were hit by the rich aroma of fresh cake – which made us hungry and had Vicki literally drooling. The treats are not hard biscuits that can be broken apart. These are soft-textured balls that we couldn’t help but softball toss to Vicki for her to grab in the air. We also had her do some tricks in order for her to receive a treat as a reward.

K9 Granola Factory has a winning flavor in Birthday Cake. Vicki became an instant fan of K9 Granola’s Soft Bakes, and we found that the Birthday Cake treats would be a great snack for older dogs that might have difficulty with hard biscuits. It’s also a great treat for dogs with a wheat, corn or soy allergy or intolerance.

One thing we noticed is that these soft treats have a tendency to be brittle, so there were lots of crumbs in the plastic bag. There’s nothing wrong with this, as we simply poured the crumbs into Vicki’s food bowl. However, some dog owners might find the crumbs to be messy. In our opinion, that’s going to give the pups more fun in licking soft-baked crumbs off the floor.

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