K9 Bros Takes a Pure and Natural Approach

K9 Bros Takes a Pure and Natural Approach

K9 Bros produces all-natural, human-grade dog treats in small batches by dehydration, scientifically formulated with health and nutrition in mind. There are four K9 Bros treat flavors available in a large bag and a smaller to-go “little brother” bag. K9 Bros is operated by founder David Feuerman, a Cornell-educated food scientist. It is located just outside New York City, and it sources ingredients from the same suppliers as some of New York’s finest restaurants.

Feuerman states his philosophy on each package of treats: “I believe dogs should be fed human-grade, wholesome foods, without antibiotics, hormones or non-nutritive fillers. All my premium foods are made with the finest quality ingredients, carved and seasoned by hand and gently cured to ensure the integrity of the food and taste dogs love.”

The lineup of K9 Bros treats is made up of four varieties, one of which is a vegetarian option:

Liver of Lamb – Seasoned with flaxseeds and broccoli florets. These thin-sliced strips of USDA-inspected lamb (sourced from Colorado and New Zealand) are purchased raw from the same NYC purveyors as such New York establishments as Peter Luger and Wholefoods, as well as premium halal and kosher butchers.

Heart of Lamb – Seasoned with sunflower seeds and parsley. As with the Liver of Lamb jerky, this protein is human-grade with no preservatives or fillers.

Chicken Breast – Seasoned with sesame seeds and broccoli florets. The chicken breast is sourced from human-grade meat suppliers in the Carolinas. Free of hormones and antibiotics, the jerky is dehydrated without any salt or artificial preservatives.

Sweet Potato Medallions – Seasoned with parsley. The brand’s vegetarian option, the human-grade sweet potatoes are grown in the Carolinas.

The company seasons the jerky and chews with ingredients like flaxseeds and broccoli florets for added Omega-3, vitamin C and antioxidants. In addition, liver is naturally loaded with B vitamins and minerals, while sweet potato is naturally high in beta carotene, which supports eye health, and the parsley adds vitamin C and freshens breath.

We selected Eeyore, a doxie-mixed breed dog, to be the test subject who would try out the treats. It didn’t take long for us to realize that he was interested in them, as he tried his best to be patient as we opened each bag for him to do a group product test. By the time we opened the fourth bag, Eeyore was doing something that we had never seen him do before. He was drooling.

We lined up the bags and placed a sampling of each product in front of the respective bag. We expected Eeyore to sniff and zero in on one particular treat. Instead, as the video shows, he went down the line from one end to the other end, crunching away on each variety, then sniffed to see if there was a way to stick his nose into one of the bags to snack some more.

From our perspective, it looked like Eeyore really found enjoyment in chewing on the sweet potato’s texture, which took him a little longer to finish than the jerky treats in his initial test.

Since then, and true to the motto on the K9 Bros treat bags, Eeyore responds to them as if they’re “the ultimate dog treat.” His ears perk up when he sees us reaching for a bag, which is resealable to preserve the freshness of the treats.

Eeyore gives two paws up, and we agree with him. Treats likely don’t get any purer or more natural than those crafted by K9 Bros. We’re confident that these jerky and chew treats, made with limited ingredients, are not only great as a reward or training tool but also are a healthy addition to a dog’s daily diet.

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