Harness-Happy Cats with LupinePet

Harness-Happy Cats with LupinePet

LupinePet Original Designs H-Style Cat Harness and matching Original Designs Leash are perfect for walks and outside time with your cat. There are more than a dozen designs to match your cat’s personality. The harnesses come in two size ranges (based on girth measurement).

We decided to try a purple harness-leash set on our test cat, Cortland, a tabby that was no stranger to being outside. Cortland easily accepted the harness, and she quickly connected the harness to mean it was time to go outside and get some fresh air.

The adjustable neck and girth straps were simple to buckle on and off. Although Cortland is no escape artist, the H-Style Cat Harness is designed to keep a cat secure. The non-slip teeth molded into the nylon plastic tri-glide are designed to keep the harness adjusted correctly. Cortland never appeared to have a problem with the harness, and he looked comfortable as he walked through a park, which included plenty of scents on trees and bushes that demanded his inspection.

LupinePet, which is based in Conway, New Hampshire, uses only premium materials to manufacture the harness and leash, including lightweight steel D-rings that are rust resistant, custom designed YKK buckles that feature a convenient side release and soft, nylon fabric with designs woven on the webbing for greater durability.

The products can be machine- or hand-washed with warm (not hot) water and mild soap. They should be air dried and not put in the dryer. The H-Style Cat Harness and H-Style Cat Leash are backed by LupinePet’s “Even if Chewed (or Scratched)” lifetime guarantee.

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