A HandsOn Experience with Your Pup

A HandsOn Experience with Your Pup

After being in development for nearly five years to create a grooming glove, HandsOn gloves made their national debut in 2016. Jay Michaelson created HandsOn for his horses that enjoyed brushing and gentle scratching on their thick coats. He quickly realized other animals could benefit from these grooming gloves, too — like dogs, goats, bunnies and even cats.

The gloves resemble ordinary garden gloves, as they’re made from a stretchy, breathable material. However, what sets them apart is how the fingers and palms are covered in nitrile nodules. The tough nitrile, PVC and nylon gloves are a hypoallergenic design that avoids allergenic reactions that some people can experience with common rubber or latex gloves.

The nodules on the palms and fingers of HandsOn gloves free up shedding hair. HandsOn describes these nubs as being shorter than brush bristles, so there won’t be any tangles or clumps to unwind. HandsOn notes that the gloves can be used on a dry pet or in the bath, where they give extra grip and deeper scrubbing action and make maneuvering around your animal easier, too.

The textured surface and flexibility of the gloves allow pet owners to better massage and improve circulation while distributing natural oils and promoting a healthy skin and coat. And HandsOn being a flexible, fitted glove on each hand means the pet will be enjoying the massage while being unaware that each stroke is de-shedding it.

We tested the HandsOn gloves on Vicki, our collie-husky mix, throughout September, when she was in the peak of shedding season. The first thing we noticed was when we put on the gloves (our tester tried out the small size) was how secure they were. They didn’t slip or fall off when we used them dry or during a bath full of soapy, sudsy water. And the scrubbing nodules on the fingers and palms allowed us to get deep down for a thorough clean during bathing sessions.

During the first session, which was a dry brushing session to introduce her to the gloves, Vicki seemed to enjoy the sensation. Vicki considered the test sessions to be play time, so she allowed us to massage her from head to toe, including normally sensitive areas like legs, ears and her face. The gloves also provided added mobility, allowing us to brush areas that are difficult to reach with a de-shedder brush, such as along the contoured ligaments on Vicki’s legs.

After less than a minute of brushing, both palms had amassed thick mats of loose hair. We liked that the hair didn’t stick in a tangled mess to the gloves. In fact, it was easy to separate the hair from the gloves to return to the brushing session.

The gloves are lightweight yet durable. After a month, they have shown no signs of cracking, tearing or mildewing despite being used under various conditions and then stored in the supply closet.

We feel that HandsOn gloves will make a terrific addition to the pet supplies of any family owning a dog, cat or farm animal. It’s a multi-tasking product for bathing, grooming or even daily interactions of petting a pup or kitty while relaxing in a chair or on the couch (although be sure to have a trash bin within arm’s reach to drop the loose hair). The overall experience created a nice bonding session that allowed us to remove a lot of hair that otherwise would have ended up in the dog bed, on the stairs or in random corners of the living room or bedroom.


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