Spoil Your Bunny with These Supreme Treats

Spoil Your Bunny with These Supreme Treats

Anyone who’s owned a rabbit knows that it’s easy to spoil this captivating companion animal. But when introducing a new food or treat to a bunny’s diet, it’s best to start out slow to avoid upsetting its digestion.

When it comes to rabbit treats, there is a surprisingly large number of options. Feeding the wrong treats can lead to digestive problems or other issues. While almost every bunny enjoys carrots, they’re actually not an ideal treat due to the fact that they’re high in starch.

It’s a good idea to find rabbit treats that offer the most nutritional value for a bunny. They should be high in protein while low in sugar and bad fats.

Selective Naturals Meadow Loops are manufactured by Supreme Petfoods and are baked in Suffolk, U.K. The company, which is a member of the U.K.’s Pet Food Manufacturers Association, has been making small animal food and treats for more than 20 years.

Meadow Loops are rich in natural ingredients, including Timothy grass hay and thyme, with added linseed for healthy skin and shiny coats. They are grain-free treats that are high in fiber (14 percent) to promote good digestion. They also contain no added sugars or artificial colors.

We tested these treats with a female lop-eared bunny named Pandora. When we opened the plastic treat package, we were immediately impressed by the fresh hay aroma. The rabbit was allowed out of her enclosure, and we presented her with a treat during her playtime. Pandora quickly stopped what she was doing to take the treat, which she happily chewed and consumed.

We found the sounds of her enjoying the crunchy loop to be adorable, and Pandora’s reaction of sniffing our hands to seek additional treats was more than enough to make us feel that she loved them.

The treats were also scattered throughout the rabbit enclosure, which was done to allow Pandora to utilize her natural foraging instincts. She appeared energized when she was returned to her enclosure, and she hopped around with excitement as she could smell that there were Meadow Loops hidden around her home.

Pandora’s owner has since reported that Meadow Loops are perfectly sized for hand-feeding and encouraging interaction and bonding between owner and pet. These treats are being used as an excellent form of enrichment that add some variety and excitement to Pandora’s daily routine. Her owner is happy to include this in Pandora’s treat container.

It’s clear that rabbits find Meadow Loops to be delicious natural treats. According to Supreme Petfoods, the treats are also ideal for guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus, as they meet the nutritional needs of small herbivores. The company recommends one to two treats per day, depending on the size of the pet. In addition, it’s important to store the opened product in a cool, dry place.

Finally, always have grass and herbs, or Timothy for adult rabbits and alfalfa for babies, available. And be sure the pet has constant access to fresh water.

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