Get Your Pet’s Face Printed on a Pillow

Get Your Pet’s Face Printed on a Pillow

Mermaid Pillow Company is offering something for pet owners who want to celebrate their furbabies in a unique manner. The company has created PawPillows, which is a line of 15x15-inch reversible, sequin pillows that feature an image of a beloved pet.

Available as PupPillows and CatCushions, each product’s front contains reversible sequins that “reveal” the pet’s photo with the swipe of a hand. The back is made of premium white velvet. The pillow covers can be removed thanks to a hidden zipper if there’s a need to take out the pillow insert.

Mermaid’s website notes the simple process to order a custom pillow: Choose your sequin colors, upload a photo and state if you want the photo printed as is or, for a small fee, the company can remove the background on the photo.

We decided to try the PupPillows line of custom pillows and, since the sequins are available in light gold and silver, we submitted two photos of Vicki, one of our test dogs. Since our photos were not taken in a studio, we had Mermaid remove the background.

In a short period of time we received the boxed pillows, which arrived in pristine

condition. The entertainment factor of the custom pillows kicked in the moment we pulled them out of the box. The sight of Vicki—both as a puppy and as her current, adult self—had us smiling ear to ear.

We were impressed by the quality of the pillows; they were not too firm or mushy. And more importantly, the image reproduction was excellent. The shininess of the sequins was difficult to ignore, and they sparkled brightly in the sunlight when we had them on display on a windowsill.

The sequins, which are small and closely knit together, were easy to swipe back and forth. There was absolutely no breakage to the sequins, and we were swiping them on a daily basis.

The premium velvet is promoted as being high quality, and it is, indeed, very soft to the touch. Mermaid did not go cheap on the fabric. In addition, the zipper was well hidden, so it didn’t stick out and catch on anything.

Overall, we highly approve of PawPillows. We consider them to be a stylish and flashy decorative item that is a great way to celebrate a pet. It’s something that would be a cute custom gift for a friend or family member. It’s also a nice item that is perfect for someone heading to college who can’t keep their beloved pet in their dorm. The pillows are easy to order and should be on a pet owner’s gift list this holiday season.

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