FUZZU: Cat Fun in Farcical Forms

FUZZU: Cat Fun in Farcical Forms

FUZZU is all about play and fun. Anne and John Lika, co-founders of Fat Cat, Inc, were early industry innovators re-inventing pet toys through their understanding of how pets play and what makes people laugh. Sarah-Lee Terrat is a children’s book illustrator and professional muralist — and one of Ben & Jerry’s original designers — who brought her own fresh approach to pet toy design when she began designing Fat Cat toys in 2004. Through FUZZU, they are taking pet toy design and storytelling to the next level of entertainment.

FUZZU toys are designed with original artwork that’s colorfully printed onto durable fabric. This distinctive style is blended with FUZZU’s unique brand of humor. And original packaging is an extension of each toy, offering added value to you through its whimsical illustrated narrative.

We decided to try these toys on our resident Siamese, Obi. We first started with the Gator & Pizza, Fish & Taco and Frog & French Fries cat toys. All three are designed to be lip-smacking kitty take-out, with a generous dash of organic catnip. They are 2-in-1 toys that are made of non-toxic materials and are perfect for flipping around the room, with a satin cord that connects the two printed felt toys.

We placed these three toys in a box to see which one Obi would gravitate towards first. Of course, he was curious and had to thoroughly meezer inspect everything (including the box). He then pulled on the taco part of the Fish & Taco toy. While initially interested, he lost interest due to the flat shape of the toy, which made it difficult for him to pick up the entire toy. As a Siamese, he has the personality and play instincts of a dog. So he loves to grab toys in his mouth and chew them, throw them in the air and catch them or bunny kick them. So, while the presentation of a new toy caught his interest, it was not his style of toy that he personally enjoys.

This led us to try the Rootin’ Tootin’ Putin toy. This toy is a good example of FUZZU’s humor. Putin is rockin’ some furry chaps and snazzy cowboy boots, so a photo opportunity is begging to happen... just add a horse, tumbleweeds, an eager pet and watch the rodeo begin!

This 8-inch toy features non-toxic poly fabric and fiberfill, with accents of plush. When presented to Obi, he was much more interested in it. He immediately started gnawing on the Putin toy, rubbing it, licking it and even trying to tear it with his mouth. But after about 40 minutes of play, he lost interest again because he wanted to chew on something he could easily shred (like his owner’s sandals). Although he typically likes tough fabric, as it presents a challenge for him, this week he wanted something that wasn’t as tough as FUZZU’s durable fabric.

Overall, not all of FUZZU’s toys are for every cat, but we are confident that the company’s varied lineup includes one that fits the needs of your favorite feline. We have seen Obi not like toys in the past, and FUZZU is not one of them. He exhibited interest in the toys, but at this moment in time prefers toys that can be easily chewed on and shredded. We know that he will return to the FUZZU cat toys at a later time when he is in the mood for something stronger. And to further show his interest, Obi didn’t mind fulfilling the role of a horse when Rootin’ Tootin’ Putin was placed on his back for a quick photo opportunity.


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