Furbo: Pet Interaction Anytime, Anywhere

Furbo: Pet Interaction Anytime, Anywhere

Furbo is a state-of-the-art camera and treat dispenser. You can see, talk and toss treats to your pet no matter where you are, allowing you to always check up on and interact with them. The Furbo can store up to 100 of your pet’s favorite treats (round-shaped treats with a diameter of around 0.4 inches work best), with a sleek and modern look that fits into many household designs.

Setup is simple and easy—just plug it in and download the Furbo app on any mobile device. It even works with Amazon Alexa! On the app, you can take pictures and videos of your interactions with your pets. The camera is HD and features 4x zoom, 160-degree wide angle and night vision. And with two-way audio, you can communicate with your pets and they can talk back! You can even receive notifications when your pet is calling you, with real-time alerts.

Although Furbo was made for dogs, we tried it on our resident Siamese, Obi, who has the personality of a dog. Upon arrival, Obi was his usual nosy self, immediately inspecting the box and anxiously watching the Furbo being unwrapped. Setup was a breeze; it was immediately ready to go within a few minutes. Once opened and set up, Obi gave it a final “meezer” inspection before waiting to see its purpose. At first the treats coming out startled him, but once he realized that his favorite GREENIES Dental Treats were being presented to him, he immediately chowed them down.

Within a week, Obi became comfortable—even fixated and obsessed—with the Furbo. He knew that if he heard his named being called from the Furbo, it was treat time. No matter where he was in the house, he came running! This was especially noticeable when he was alone in the house; we loved that we could check up on him while he was alone since he is accustomed to at least one person always being around.

The lighting in the house is not the greatest and the camera had difficulties determining whether it was night or day, so it is a little hard to see Obi in the videos and pictures taken from the Furbo (some video and picture editing was done for improvement). But either way, Obi loves the Furbo! His meow is recognized by the microphone and comes up as a notification on the mobile device. He enjoys sticking his prominent Siamese nose into the camera. Being a bottomless pit, he loves the Furbo so much that he will sit or loaf relatively close to it in hopes of more and more treats, but he won’t receive more than a few at a time. It’s important that he (or any pet) receives treats in moderation to not affect his regular meals and maintain his health and agility. But he also enjoys hearing the voice of one of his favorite humans and will sometimes rub against the Furbo to show his love and appreciation for the interaction.

The Furbo is best for dogs, but it does also work with cats who are vocal and love attention. Of course, nothing replaces face-to-face interaction and, being a cuddle bug, Obi loves that more than anything. But he does enjoy the Furbo connecting him to his owner while away, and it is the perfect product to hold him over until his owner returns home, especially if it means he gets something extra to nibble on.

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