FunkAway Helps Keep Pet Odor at Bay

FunkAway Helps Keep Pet Odor at Bay

The recently launched FunkAway Odor Eliminating Beads are intended to remove unwanted airborne smells in your home — including stinky litter boxes that are the bane of every cat owner’s existence — for up to three months. The active ingredient is a proprietary compound called OM Complex, which is water-based and non-toxic. The fragrance is derived from plant and synthetic aroma chemicals, with no animal-derived products found in this compound. As is sometimes the case with scented products, there is the possibility of an allergic reaction, so be sure to thoroughly examine before using.

We decided to try out a jar of these Odor Eliminating Beads in a bathroom that contains the litter box for Claude, one of our test cats. We let Claude sniff the container — which already had a fragrant smell before we even opened it up — and, not surprising, he wasn’t pleased with what his little pink nose was picking up. But luckily this product isn’t really meant for him!

Setup was simple: we twisted the lid off, removed the protective seal and replaced the cap, which is, thankfully, designed so that pets can’t get to the beads. After realizing that Claude didn’t dig the scent, we decided that placing the product on top of the litter box wasn’t the ideal spot for it because we didn’t want to give him any reason to feel uncomfortable doing his “business” where he is supposed to (as it is, his owners already find the occasional turd on the floor). So we settled on placing the jar atop the toilet tank, which is located just a couple of feet away from the litter box. The odor-elimination formula is supposed to reach up to 300 feet.

It’s only been a few days, but we have noticed that the bathroom smells fresher without the fragrance being too overpowering. We also like that the aesthetic of the beads adds some decoration to the toilet tank. While it’s too soon to tell if the product will, in fact, last up to 90 days as advertised, we still feel that it’s a worthwhile investment.

Consumers can find FunkAway Odor Eliminating Beads on the company’s website as well as Amazon, with plans for the product to be offered at retailers across the U.S. in the next few months. This is just one of several FunkAway odor-eliminating items made by B2Z Products.

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