Flexrake’s Solution to Scooping the Poop

Flexrake’s Solution to Scooping the Poop

Flexrake is a family-owned and operated company that has been making products for gardeners and landscape professionals since 1945. The manufacturer has specialized in lawn and garden tools for cutting, digging, cultivating, weeding and cleanup.

After originally focusing on human-use products like garden rakes and spades, Flexrake moved into the pet business, launching the classic Scoop Spade and more recently the Jaws Scoop. Committed to American manufacturing, the company’s top selling products are made in Temple City, California.

One of the least enjoyable parts of being a pet parent is the inevitable waste management. Whether the cleanup takes place during a neighborhood walk, the front lawn or backyard, the need for a proper tool to pick up the poop is necessary. As Flexrake prides itself as being a company wanting to provide top quality products that make one of pet ownership’s dirtiest jobs as simple, clean and quick as possible, we decided to test one of its products.

We selected the Flexrake Panorama Scoop and Rake set, which definitely stands out among other products in the pet cleanup-section of our local pet store. This set has a bold appearance with its jewel tone, making it attractive for anyone seeking to scoop in style.

We were about to find out if it truly marries function with fashion. As we have multiple pets to clean up after, we chose the large model, which is available in four bright colors: blue, green, purple and raspberry (we selected the purple variety).

We recommend that first-time users of the Panorama Scoop and Rake set take baby steps with their initial attempts of raking poop into the pan. We learned the hard way that it’s not a good idea to stand behind the pan while raking poop, as there is potential for the springy rake tines to flip the waste over the pan and onto the pet owner’s shoes and legs.

The set is made with powder-coated, rustproof aluminum along with a molded, non-slip vinyl grip and 36-inch alumilite handle, making it lightweight yet durable. Right off the bat, we loved the fact that the product’s height means there’s no need to bend over, which makes it ideal for anyone suffering from back problems. In addition, the pan feels very sturdy, and its 10-inch-wide design makes it excellent at holding lots of waste.

As for the rake, the tines are flexible yet durable, and we can’t envision the waste of any animal short of a horse giving it any problems. The rake format makes the set perfect for all kinds of surfaces, and we tested it on short grass, tall grass, soil, in weeds, on pavement and even on a rocky path. The rake-pan combo appears to be a better option in these different environments than a claw, hoe or shovel scooper.

Once we got the hang of the proper raking procedure, there’s a lot to like about this set. In addition to the quality craftsmanship from it being made in the United States, it performed well with our multiple-dog household. The product’s comfortable design allowed us to keep our yard and walkways waste-free without forcing us to squat or bend over each time we wanted to pick up our pet poop. We especially admired the ability of the 10-inch-wide pan to hold more than one pile of waste. We also appreciated that the set has no springs or moving parts that can break. And with the set being kept outside, the product’s powder-coated, rustproof aluminum design has done its job of enduring a rainy winter and spring.

That said, the Panorama Scoop and Rake set is not for everyone. The color options are stylish and loud, which might turn off some dog owners. And the set is more suitable for yard waste and on the pet owner’s property. While the set is lightweight, the size of the two-piece set isn’t something many people will want to carry through the neighborhood during a daily dog walk.

Our biggest complaint pertains to the label sticker on the face of the pan. While a huge label sticker makes sense for catching the eye of a customer in a pet store, that customer will be cursing up a storm during the nightmarish experience of attempting to remove the sticker. We simply couldn’t get it off the pan, and we refused to break out our sandpaper, which was one of the few things that we didn’t attempt.

We left the sticker on the pan, which aesthetically isn’t a problem. However, after peeling off the label’s edges, the glue that our cleaning solutions couldn’t remove was an adhesive for anything that touched the face of the pan, including poop. Even hosing the stuck-on poop did not do the trick, so after the first couple of uses, the pan no longer has an attractive, clean, shiny appearance.

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