Enviroscent’s Breath of Fresh Air

Enviroscent’s Breath of Fresh Air

While there are many options for keeping your home or car smelling clean and fresh, this is a topic that’s always on the mind of pet owners. Cleaning up after a pet is not as easy as it sounds, so air fresheners are the logical solution when it comes to unwanted pet odors. Unfortunately, many brands of air fresheners contain such ingredients as phthalates, parabens, PBTs and other toxic chemicals that can be harmful to people and their fur babies. Even worse, pets that ingest these chemical-filled products can end up needing medical care.

Enviroscent is a new brand of air freshener that is safer for people, pets and the planet. Made from sustainably sourced ingredients, the brand does not test its products on animals. The products are designed to make homes and cars smell better without endangering people or their pets. All Enviroscent products are free of toxins and include a dash of bitrex, a natural bittering agent that tastes awful, which ensures that if a child or animal attempts to swallow it, they would spit it out before they could be ingest the product.

The company explains that its products and packaging are environmentally friendly, including pure fragrance oils and sustainably sourced biodegradable and recyclable paper and pulp, renewable natural starch, and natural abundant silica. These materials used in production leave as little impact on the earth as possible. The fragrance oils in Enviroscent products are in their concentrated form, which means they are chemical-free and safe for animals and people. And wherever possible, Enviroscent uses packaging materials that are renewable and recyclable for minimal waste. The company also uses only pulp and paper that’s been FSC (forest stewardship council) certified from sustainably managed forests to create its scent stix refills and scent pod refills.

The brand launched several new air freshener products last year, such as starter kits and fragrances that include spring water + lotus, lavender tea + honey, lemon leaf + thyme, red poppies + rosewood and sea salt + aloe.

We decided to test a starter kit containing several scents and products for our home and car, putting them through a multi-dog test.

The company notes it created a patented technology that diffuses fragrance evenly over time using maltodextrin, a renewable resource that is made from corn, to help gently release the scent early on; and liquid silica to give the scent a push later on to extend its duration.

The kit we received included a spritz room spray and sprayer, which had a wonderful aroma of lemon leaf and thyme. It was fragrant without being overpowering, and it was clean without smelling artificial. The stix and stand set had a nice, simplistic design that was attractive while also being easy to blend into any setting. Each refill tube contains three sticks, and there’s a nice variety of scents with our favorite being the lavender tea + honey.

Those two products were the most effective from the kit. We weren’t as enamored with the other items, such as the stow or go case, a small tube that can be placed in a drawer or hung from a hook in the home or car. The sticks, short versions of the stix and stand refills, didn’t come close to having an impact for the 60 days that the company claimed they could hold their scent.

The kit also included scent pods for the home (plug hub warmer) and car (vent clip). We liked how they were idiot proof, meaning they were easy to insert and place in the wall outlet and car vent. However, while the car vent clip circulated the scent when the vent was open, the fragrance didn’t linger. In addition, after the first few times driving the car, the effectiveness of the vent clip quickly lessened, to the point that we had to take the pod out and inhale directly from it to get the scent.

As for the home plug hub warmer, after plugging it into an electrical outlet, the product didn’t really emit a scent that had an impact on the aroma in the room whatsoever. We literally had to place our nose to the product in order to receive any scented aroma. We used several outlets in rooms of different sizes, including one immediately next to a heating vent, yet nothing allowed us to notice a change in the smell of the room.

While we believe Enviroscent products are a great alternative to air fresheners containing chemicals, we also feel that these products have their limitations and are not as effective as we were expecting. We were disappointed by the range of a single plug-in, and a room of any decent size will need several to truly have an impact. Typical scented products are designed to last for more than a month; however, we didn’t find these to last more than a couple of weeks before we stopped sensing the pleasant aroma.

Although we admire the company for not using parabens, phthalates, PBTs, synthetic carcinogens or mutagens, and we appreciated Enviroscent using plastic-free packaging while also designing and sourcing its products as sustainably and earth-consciously as possible, we think further work needs to be done to improve the potency of these air fresheners.

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