Dreaming of Bananas

Dreaming of Bananas

Silicute offers a wide variety of pet products, from cat scratchers to beds for cats and dogs. Its most notable product is the Banana Bed. Consisting of a nest and mat of separate design, this yellow bed is made of super soft fabric and three-dimensional PP cotton. It is thick full of filler for pets to have a more comfortable sleep. The bed is convenient to clean, with the mats washable to prevent breeding of bacteria. It also features an invisible zipper design to keep the filler inside, with a nest pad for dual use. There are three sizes to accommodate various breeds.

We decided to try the medium-sized bed on our resident Siamese, Obi. As is always the case when he notices a package (intended for him or not), Obi immediately had to give the cardboard box a thorough meezer inspection. He even assisted in opening the box.

When the bed was removed and set up in his favorite corner by a vent, he continued his inspection. Obi spent an ample amount of time smelling the bed before he carefully climbed in. His continued assessment confirmed that he was intrigued but not fully satisfied. Being both pampered and a boy, he didn’t seem to fancy the new package scent that accompanied it. So, after rubbing one of his owner’s jackets on the bed and placing one of his favorite toys inside, he warmed up more to the bed. It didn’t take him long to settle in comfortably and assume his typical cat behavior of playing with his toy, bathing himself and taking a nap. As a Siamese he has a long body, so he loves that this bed gives him plenty of space to stretch out to his heart's content. He also loves that this bed lets him express his dog personality and dig and bury his toys underneath the mat.

A week has passed since the Banana Bed was placed. Obi has many locations to sleep in the house: blankets on couches, his owner’s comfy bed and another fluffy cat bed. Even in the short period of time since it was placed, Obi spends most of his day in the Banana Bed. And although he enjoys the comforts of his owner’s bed because of his desire (more like obsession) for human contact at night, the Banana Bed has become his number one spot to rest when his owner is away.

Obi has given this product a meezer seal of approval, especially since it involves His Highness’s precious sleep. And even though the bed stands out like a sore thumb in the room, it is comical and comforting to see Obi in it. After all, his appreciation of it is what matters most.

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