For Dog Oral Hygiene, Chew’em Clean

For Dog Oral Hygiene, Chew’em Clean

Oral hygiene is a critical aspect of dog care, and it’s vital that a pup’s teeth get proper attention. Common oral health problems for dogs include plaque buildup, gum disease and halitosis, or chronic bad breath. That’s where dental chew toys come into the picture. These products are designed to remove plaque and tartar through the regular chewing process.

Chew’ems are dental chew toys made with a proprietary blend of nylon, vitamins and minerals essential for a dog’s oral health. The chews, which are created from ingredients sourced in the USA, contain no GMOs, gluten, chemicals or preservatives. They’re also safety-approved by veterinarians.

Available in four flavors – bacon, chicken, beef and mineral bone – Chew’ems come in two sizes (small for pups under 30 pounds and large for 30 to 60 pounds). A larger “Monster” size for dogs over 60 pounds is coming soon, according to the manufacturer.

The Chew’ems website states that the wishbone-shaped toys are ergonomically designed to have 50 percent more chewing surface and every bone is infused with an all-natural recipe to make it irresistible to dogs. We tested that claim by presenting the four different flavored dental chews to Mason, a soft-coated Wheaten Terrier that enjoys testing chew toys, and the beef Chew’em quickly caught his attention.

The toy stood up to the serious chomping skills of Mason, who was unable to break off any large pieces. After his first chewing session, Mason left some scratch marks on the nubs but nothing more. And although the toy is a non-edible chew, it’s good to know that nothing will happen to Mason if he swallows tiny bits, as they will pass through his digestive system.

Dental chew toys are not perfect for all dogs, and a very strong-jawed pooch might ruin a Chew’em in under a day, but the toy proved to be an effective, long-lasting toy for a serious chewer like Mason. The product also earns bonus points for being made in the USA. We approve of this dental product and think it’s worth a try to see how your dog likes it.

To ensure your pet’s safety, always go for the larger size when in doubt. And it’s important to always have fresh drinking water available when giving chew toys to a dog. In addition, be sure to monitor your pup with the dental toy and don’t leave them alone while they’re engaged in a chewing session with a dental toy in case they bite off too large of a chunk and have difficulties.

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