Deebot: High-Tech Pet Cleaning

Deebot: High-Tech Pet Cleaning

With 20 years of experience, Ecovacs Robotics is a leading company in the area of in-home robotic appliances. One of the brand’s contributions to this sector has been the creation of the Deebot, a robotic and automated floor-cleaning appliance that is capable of vacuuming and wet-mopping floors.

We recently tested the Deebot 711, a new robotic vacuum from Ecovacs. The 711 looks bold and powerful. Its buttons and indicators are visually pleasing, which adds to its sleekness. It is similar in size to the rest of the Deebot lineup, with a circular design that’s 13.9 inches across and a standard 3.2 inches high, making it low-profile enough to fit under most pieces of furniture.

The Deebot 711 is a one-touch robot vacuum (this model does not have a mopping feature) that can also be controlled and monitored through the universal Ecovacs app. It comes with a remote control, which lets you start a general clean, edge-clean-only or spot clean.

As an added bonus, if you are a Google Home or Amazon Alexa user, you can link your smart home devices to your robot, and tell it when and how to start cleaning. This feature gives you more control over the cleaning process, and you can also ask for status updates while you’re away so that you know exactly what the Deebot has and hasn’t completed.

Deebot uses Smart Navi 2.0 Visual Mapping Technology, so the 711’s camera and graphics algorithm enable the robot to achieve whole-house mapping, which allows it to clean rooms using a systematic cleaning pattern that avoids redoing or missing any areas.

The robot possesses anti-collision sensors that can prevent it from hitting obstacles, but it also has soft cushion bumpers that are intended to protect your furniture. We were impressed by the 711’s ability to achieve whole-house mapping on the fly and quickly learn which areas are most in need of cleaning. This is truly a smart robot that can adapt to any environment with ease, and it avoided bumping into furniture or falling down stairs. It did a great job of not crashing into any of the dining room table or chair legs.

The 711 features a maximum-power suction mode, which doubles the suction power of the machine and helps it take care of tough stains like dirt and grime on either hardwood or carpeted floors. The test house has two dogs, which were both shedding their winter coat, so there were plenty of clumps of hair for the 711 to pick up from the floor. In terms of cleaning functions, the robot is versatile enough to work on most surfaces and spaces. We tried it without problem on hardwood and laminate floors, where it moved gracefully and without jamming.

Additionally, it did a decent job of cleaning both low-pile and medium-pile carpets, although it was only able to lift loose dirt particles. We found it sub-par on removing dirt that was pressed into carpet fibers or ground-in dirt.

In our tests, we found the robot to have adequate suction power the majority of the time, but we would not call it precision-cleaning. There were a few incidents of the robot picking up clumps of hair only to have the side brushes shoot them back onto the floor as the suction was not sufficient enough to hold onto the debris.

The 711 has a high-efficiency filter and a bin (located at the rear of the machine) that is easy to empty. The robot possesses nearly two hours of battery life, which was more than enough for our needs. And when its battery power gets low, the robot automatically returns to its dock station. It takes less than five hours to achieve a full charge.

While far from perfect, the Deebot 711 does get our recommendation as a nice entry-level robotic vacuum. With expectations that are kept at a reasonable level, pet owners should be happy with the results of this model from Ecovacs Robotics.

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