The Cat Toy that Smiles Back

The Cat Toy that Smiles Back

We tried this toy on Obi, our resident Siamese. As usual, hearing that he was getting a toy immediately sparked his interest and he was patiently waiting to inspect it. It was barely out of the bag when he saw the little string hook at the top and immediately grabbed it with his mouth, pulling the Loofa Cat out on his own. He immediately started licking it, biting it and bunny kicking it. Prying it away from him to remove the tags was a bit of a challenge.

Needless to say, this toy earned instant high marks from our meezer. And while his favorite owner was away on vacation the week following him receiving the toy, the Loofa Cat kept him entertained and happy (mostly… his other owners would beg to differ with how much he meowed and demanded attention and play time).


A few weeks later, the Loofa Cat is still one of his favorite toys. Because the Loofa Cat is lightweight, it is easy for Obi to carry around in his mouth, which he does occasionally. Luckily, the vibrant color of the toy makes it stand out when he decides to take it on an adventure and leave it in random places, like in his food bowl or under the microwave stand. We are not sure why he does this, but we speculate he thinks of this cat-shaped toy as both friend and prey.

Overall, Obi thoroughly enjoys the Loofa Cat and gives it two paws up.

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