A Benebone for Any Level Chewer

A Benebone for Any Level Chewer

Benebone is a small, American family business that produces dog chews. Since 2014, the company has supported dog shelters and rescue centers with monthly donations totaling more than 100 Benebone chew toys every 30 days.

The company’s product design work, material and ingredient sourcing, tooling and manufacturing all take place in the USA. The nylon chews contain 100 percent real food ingredients such as bacon, chicken, peanuts, mint or maple wood. According to Benebone, the chews are irregular in shape, ergonomic and in constant motion to increase product interaction and make them more challenging for the dog, which results in a happier pet.

The company first launched the original Benebone Wishbone, which was followed by the Dental Chew, Pawplexer and Maplestick. We decided to spotlight the Benebone Dental Chew, which comes in three sizes—Small (for dogs under 30 pounds), Medium (for dogs under 60 pounds) and Large (for dogs under 90 pounds). Weight is a rough guide to sizing, according to Benebone, and it cannot replace the monitoring of a dog’s chewing habits.

We selected a Large chicken-flavored Benebone Dental Chew and presented it to Vicki, one of our test dogs. As Vicki weighs approximately 60 pounds, we chose the Large size chew toy for safety’s sake.

Vicki was intrigued by the Dental Chew, and she started out by licking the toy repeatedly to examine the flavoring. It was appealing to her, so she proceeded to spend the first few minutes nudging it around with her nose to taste the Dental Chew from end to end.

Although the product is categorized as a chew, Vicki was not interested the first day in chomping on the Dental Chew to work her teeth and exercise her jaw. Instead, the Dental Chew brought out her playful side, which resulted in a brief game of tug-of-war before she carried it around the lawn to entice us to chase her.

Since we gave the Dental Chew to Vicki, we’ve caught her on several occasions chewing on the ridged edges, but she views it as a toy first and a chew second. We think that serious chewers like pit bulls, rottweilers and German shepherds will benefit greatly from the dental chew aspect of this product.

Benebones generally last a few weeks with serious chewers, but the Dental Chew will likely last more than a month with a moderate chewer like Vicki. At this point, after a couple of weeks, there’s been no significant damage to the chew’s integrity. Our test pup has only managed to make the product surface rough along the edges. We like the Dental Chew, and we also appreciate the fact that Benebone has a guide on “The Life of a Benebone” on its “When to Replace a Benebone” web page.

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