Photo Section

  • Sparkey Makes ’Em Laugh
    Ready for Their Close-up

    Sparkey Makes ’Em Laugh

    Cockatiel tries out her best comedy material as the opening act for her owner.

  • Colorful Herps
    Pop Culture Corner

    Colorful Herps

    Pet reptiles and amphibians come in many shapes, sizes and hues.

  • Jackson, the Bodacious Bichon Boy
    Ready for Their Close-up

    Jackson, the Bodacious Bichon Boy

    Jackson is a beloved Bichon that was rescued in North Carolina.

  • Dancers & Dogs
    Pop Culture Corner

    Dancers & Dogs

    A book about dogs and dancers is not only a great sight, but also for a great cause.

  • Mini Me Pup Couture Collection
    Pop Culture Corner

    Mini Me Pup Couture Collection

    Stylish canines and their escorts dress to impress in New York.

  • Jackie Strikes a Pose
    Ready for Their Close-up

    Jackie Strikes a Pose

    This Portuguese Water Dog is a Royal Animals model.

  • Eye-Popping Goldfish
    Pet Pix

    Eye-Popping Goldfish

    These are not your grandfather's goldfish, as demonstrated by their colors, shapes and sizes.

  • Inspiration is a Mother-to-Be
    Ready for Their Close-up

    Inspiration is a Mother-to-Be

    Inspiration is looking forward to being a mom.

  • Global Pet Expo 2020 Day 1
    Pop Culture Corner

    Global Pet Expo 2020 Day 1

    Visual highlights from the opening of the annual show in Orlando, Florida.