This Cat Gives Supermodels a Run for Their Money

Karen Frewert of New York started Showbizkitties, a group of modeling felines who attend pet fashion shows, charity events, pet industry trade shows and more. Her beloved and adorable cat, Mango, is one of the models of the group and has loved being in the spotlight since he was a tiny kitten. With a gorgeous tail, striking fur coat and a friendly and lovable personality, it's no surprise that this kitty is a shining star!

Q Tell us a bit about his modeling career. What are some of the highlights of his work?
A Mango started modeling almost right off. I started training him right away: the basics of sit, stay, looking gorgeous, giving paw, walk on a balance beam, etc. His older brothers Tigger and Cody model as well. And they help immensely when I train Mango. His first modeling job was for a very good friend, Richie Schwartz of Pets Photography Studio. He got a rush call for a cover shot for a magazine that needed cats in costumes. So the next day, I brought Mango and Tigger to his studio for pictures. His first cover with his brother [was for] Pets in the City Magazine’s October 2017 issue with both dressed as firemen.

He does some catalog modeling for Rubie’s Pet Costumes. I’m lucky enough to have their main office near me, and they are a wonderful company to work with. He (and my other boys) have their own “stylist” on set when modeling for them. Great bunch of people! He also participates in charity fashion shows like Celebrity Catwalk. It’s three days of parties and fashion. He did the Christmas edition 2017 and Spring edition 2018, where he strut his stuff on the catwalk for charity wearing the most spectacular creations by the world's best pet fashion designers.

I would love to see Mango on the big screen. His brother Tigger is shooting an independent film right now called “Good Friday, A Mob Comedy.” My ultimate goal of all time [is for] cat food can or a cat food bag! I would love to be able to go to the store and see my gorgeous boy representing a brand of food he loves!

Q What is your fondest memory with Mango?
A Could it be when I first met him and fell in absolute love with that face? Could it be how I felt seeing him on stage with BeBe Neuwirth with all the city noises going on around him and him being “chill”? Could it be when I saw his first cover? Could it be him taking to the catwalk and making me so proud? Could it be that he makes friends with everybody and everything he meets? I’m just so proud of him (tears in my eyes now). He is the light of my life; I couldn't imagine life without him. I just love this little guy so much and look forward to our many crazy, wacky adventures together (with his bestie Galen).