Safely and Easily Ship Your Pet

Without a doubt, pets are part of our family. In fact, according to CitizenShipper’s statistical records, 65% of American homes have at least one. And when we relocate, which the average American does about nine times in his or her lifetime, getting a beloved pet safely from Point A to Point B can be a challenge.

Not only are logistics an issue, the stress for the animal and the owner can be extreme. Many pet owners resort to placing their animals in cargo holds on commercial flights. While this can be one solution, The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) says this should only be considered after you are “aware of the dangers of flying your pet in a cargo hold,” especially since this may not be the best option for your pet specifically. HSUS has an article on what you should know about this option.

If placing your pet in a cargo hold on a commercial flight isn’t the best choice for your pet, there are reputable pet shipping services that will drive a pet to another city or state — or even across the country. These companies deliver both quality care of pets in transit and provide you with peace of mind throughout the process. While some companies have set service fees and transporters, CitizenShipper enables owners to choose the transporter and negotiate the price. Here is how its process works:

1. Post Your Pet and Transport Details

Provide details about your pet and your shipment logistics. You can also provide communication preferences, as well as ask for additional information, pet transport experience and references. CitizenShipper will connect with you with a selection of qualified and proven drivers to ensure your pet arrives safely.

2. Receive Driver Bids

You will then receive a bid for pet transport. At this point, you can ask additional questions to ensure the type of care and treatment your pet will receive.

3. Choose Your Driver

After receiving bids, you will review and select the driver who best matches your needs and budget.

4. Communicate with Transport Drive and Pet During Shipment
You can stay in touch with your transporter and your pet during the journey to provide peace of mind throughout the process.

5. Experience Rated

After your pet arrives, you can rate the driver and provide feedback about the experience, which is used to continually improve the CitizenShipper experience.