Hospice Care Tips For An Ailing Pet

Lap of Love is the nation's largest network of veterinarians solely dedicated to end-of-life veterinary care providing in-home euthanasia, hospice, and teleadvice services. The network’s purpose is to serve the veterinary end-of-life space by creating a peaceful and personal experience for pets and the people that love them. As one of the first services of its kind, Lap of Love has quickly grown since 2009, from just one veterinarian in Florida to over 145 veterinarians helping families in more than 30 states across the country.

Dr. Mary Gardner, co-founder of Lap of Love, offers five things you need to know about hospice care for an ailing pet – especially during quarantine:

  1. You may be noticing more signs of discomfort from your pet during quarantine because you are home to see it more. Many pets struggle when we are at work and then happy when we come home – so now you can appreciate their whole day.
  2. Safety is paramount. A pet’s vision and hearing can decrease as it ages so keeping things the same in the house will protect the pet from getting confused, lost or hurt.
  3. This is the perfect time to create a bucket list of things you want your pet to experience – it can be as little as “barking at the amazon truck” or as big as “sunset walks on the beach.”
  4. Multiple small walks are better than one long walk. Weaker pets will tire quickly so taking them for 0.2 miles five times a day is better than 1 mile once a day.
  5. Caregiving can take a toll on you. Sites like Pet Caregiver Burden can provide good support.