7 Foods and Treats to Spoil Your Bird

Wondering what foods or treats might work best to keep your bird fully nourished and satisfied? Check out the list below for some suggestions that may make Polly stop asking for a cracker.


1. Bird Lover’s Blends
Brown’s Bird Lover’s Blends are designed for a variety of birds. Nuts, Berries & Bugs! will attract nature’s most colorful fruit- and insect-eating birds to your backyard. Dove, Pigeon & Quail Blend is designed to provide the highest-quality seeds and grains required for the nutrition of doves, pigeons and quail. Duck & Goose Blend is formulated with the natural grains waterfowl love to eat. www.fmbrown.com




2. Vita Prima Swing Ring
This two-in-one toy and treat provides pet birds with a tasty, crunchy baked treat and rewarding physical and mental activity. Each Vita Prima Swing Ring is made with a long-lasting softwood center wrapped up in a crunchy biscuit and delicious topping. Whether snacking or swinging, the Swing Ring keeps birds both happy and stimulated. www.vitakraftsunseed.com




3. Kaytee Forti-Diet
Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Parakeet food was developed by an avian nutritional expert to ensure pets gets the proper nutrition. Forti-Diet Pro Health contains probiotics and prebiotics to support digestive health. This food is rich in natural antioxidants for general health and immune support, plus it contains pieces to support skin and feather health. www.kaytee.com




4. ZuPreem Bird Food
ZuPreem provides optimal nutrition and healthy feeding programs for birds and more. Guided by expert veterinary partners, ZuPreem’s products keep animals happy and healthy. FruitBlend Flavor with Natural Flavors has fruit colors, shapes and flavors with the essential nutrients that birds need for good health. www.zupreem.com





5. Sunburst Freeze Dried Fruit
Sunburst Freeze Dried Fruit is an assortment of all-natural, whole-food fun treats that companion birds enjoy. These healthy treats are free of added sugars, sulfites, preservatives, gluten and GMOs. Fruits are harvested and freeze dried at optimal ripeness to capture the best natural flavors, including Pineapple Mango or Strawberry Banana. Great for Conures, Lovebirds, Eclectus, Parrots, Cockatoos and Macaws. www.higginspremium.com




6. Lafeber’s Popcorn Nutri-Berries
Popcorn Nutri-Berries Treats combine natural ingredients with vitamins, minerals and amino acids to ensure birds are not only having a fun and delicious treat, but one that’s good for them too. They are made with fresh popcorn and peanuts, with caramel flavoring. These berry-shaped treats are specifically designed to satisfy a bird’s natural desire to forage for their food. www.lafeber.com




7. Ecotrition Oats & Groats
Oats & Groats Health Blend by Ecotrition is a nutritious snack for parakeets. It is a flavorful blend of colorful, whole oat groats that will provide the perfect healthy, anytime snack or reward for your parakeet. The treat is enriched with vitamins and minerals. www.ecotrition.com