7 Cozy Pick-Me-Ups for Pets

It’s now the time of year when temperatures begin to drop as much as the leaves on the trees. And just like it is important to keep pets cool in the summer, it’s important to keep them warm in the fall and winter.

So even if you are not able to curl up with them, these products will always keep your pets warm and cozy, as well as provide additional benefits like relieving anxiety and joint pain. From beds to clothing, your pet is covered (literally) no matter what. All you and your pet need now is the fireplace going and a good book or streaming service just to set the mood, maybe even a hot beverage if you are aiming for the perfect cozy setup with your furry companion.

1. Gold Paw Series Stretch Fleece Onesie

Gold Paw’s lightweight Stretch Fleece Onesie is a full-body, baseball tee-inspired garment that features 7 percent spandex and recycled content fabrics. Suitable for indoor and outdoor wear, it protects skin conditions or wounds, eases mild anxiety and calms puppies, and helps to keep weight on senior dogs. This onesie is designed to fit canines of all breeds and sizes, and it’s available in navy and winter mod, hunter and avocado, eggplant and summer mod and red tartan and black, plus a full-leopard option.


2. The MyLap Pet Bed

The MyLap Pet Bed is shaped just like a lap, which allows owners to use any pair of soft pants as the bed cover. This adds the owner’s scent to the bed while providing the beloved pet with the comforting shape of their lap to keep them calm and decrease separation anxiety.


3. Karma Cat Beds

Dharma Dog Karma Cat Beds are handcrafted with a unique blend of lanolin-rich wools that are healthy for cats and safe for the planet. With more than 40 styles and colors of beds, in addition to dozens of styles of toys, these products fuse comfort, durability and design with environmentally sustainable production and socially conscious business practices.


4. Paw.com PupRug Faux Fur Orthopedic Dog Bed Curve White

The Paw.com original PupRug was designed to provide our furry friends with the ultimate place to rest while blending seamlessly into homes with its modern and attractive design. It’s filled with pressure-relieving memory foam that minimizes joint pain and improves a pet’s health and mobility. The memory foam is also conveniently protected with a water-resistant liner that acts as the first line of defense against accidents. Faux fur cover is removable and washable.


5. The Jackson Collection by Petrageous Designs

Deck your pets in clothing and accessories reminiscent of the West. Made with durable, high-quality materials like faux Sherpa fleece and polyester, your pets will be warm and comfy. Features red/black checkered patterns and matching neutral colors, as well as moose and bear patterns. All clothing products in the line are machine washable. Perfect for the winter season!


6. Prevue Pet ZZZ’s Hammock

Prevue Pet Products ZZZ's Hammock is a soft and cuddly ferret sleep accessory. The cozy hammock is made from a super-soft brown suede material with blue straps that easily attach to cage wire with quick links. The plush material invites pets to curl up inside for a short snooze or nighttime slumber. This space-saving, elevated design measures 17 inches long and 12½ inches wide.


7. Shed Defender

Shed Defender is a patent-pending onesie that contains pet hair and dander, can replace the medical cone and helps dogs with skin conditions, allergies or anxiety issues. The Shed Defender contains dog hair within the onesie while allowing the dog to shed naturally, making it a safe and easy solution for reducing pet hair in the car or home. Made from a lightweight, breathable and eco-friendly fabric, Shed Defender fits comfortably on dogs of all sizes and allows them to move freely while wearing it.