6 Super Bowl Pet Names

It’s almost time for the Super Bowl matchup between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams! The “Super Bowl of Pet Names” is an annual test of team loyalty conducted by PetFirst Pet Insurance, which analyzes its nationwide database of cat and dog policyholders to see what teams inspire the most pet names. This year, in lieu of the upcoming Super Bowl, the pet insurance company found that people are almost twice as likely to have a pet named after a Patriot player, compared to the Rams. Here are PetFirst Pet Insurance’s six pet name findings. Do you have a pet named after a football player?

1. More pets for the Patriots than Rams

There were 115 pets in the database that share names with Patriots players, while 61 share names with Rams players.

2. One pet is named Patriot, but none named Ram

Both teams that lost in the Conference Championship games actually had more namesakes with 20 Chiefs and 6 Saints. The most popular NFL team pet name hails from New York with 37 Jets. There are also 31 Ravens and 15 Titans.

3. More pets for defensive end Dante Fowler

Rams’ names included 16 Dantes – like defensive end Dante Fowler. But quarterback Jared Goff inspired zero Jareds and zero Goffs.

4. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is popular for pets

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady shared a name with 34 PetFirst policyholders named Tom and 39 named Brady. There was even one cat named Tom Brady.

5. No placekicker Greg Zuerlein…yet

There are no Zuerleins and only 1 Greg, but after Greg Zuerlein’s 57-yard field goal that launched the Rams to the Super Bowl, the number of pets named after “Greg the Leg” may soon change.

6. Cowboys have strong name presence for pets without Super Bowl

Texas fans generally are well-represented in PetFirst rolls, even though the Cowboys aren’t in the Super Bowl this year. There are several interesting pairings of Cowboy names, including one family with dogs named Romo and Dez – such as the quarterback Tony Romo and wide receiver Dez Bryant. An Ohio family has a pair of Labrador Retrievers named Zeke and Elliott, inspired by the star running back Ezekiel Elliott.