5 Ways to Bond with Your Pet

Although many people think of their pets as children, it may take some time and effort to develop a deep connection with our four-legged family members. Sometimes adopting an animal can feel like love at first sight, with them jumping into your arms or licking your face upon first meeting you, and making you immediately feel bonded to them as if you were destined to be their pet parent. Other times there is less of a spark at first, but thankfully there are things you can do to strengthen your relationship with your pet. Here are “5 Ways to Deepen Your Relationship with Your Pet” from animal communicator Jill Lauri.

1. Have Fun and Embrace the Spirit of Play

Animals bring a lighthearted spirit of play to all of their activities. When we join them in this place of joy, our pets take us under their wings and show us how to fly. Engage with your pet, which may mean stopping to smell the roses. This shared experience will build greater intimacy with your pet.



2. Welcome the Healing Presence of Your Pet

Pets come into our lives offering unconditional love. They are bundles of light and their energy can be a powerful healing force. Healing can take a physical, emotional or spiritual form. Stay open to the possibilities that present themselves, as healing gifts come in a variety of packages.



3. Be Open to Messages from Your Pet

You are already communicating with your pet, even when you don’t realize it. Notice and trust these communications without judgement or censorship. The meaning may be crystal clear to you in the moment, or it may take more time to register. Just go with the flow and enjoy the process.



4. See the World Through New Eyes

With a unique perspective that is often different from ours, animals tend to be more “in the moment.” They’re also usually less attached to their physical form and are more accepting of life changes. This outlook can be particularly helpful to you when dealing with situations of pet loss.



5. Practice Communicating with Your Pet

Communicating with your pet can feel strange at first. The more you practice, the more natural it becomes. When your pet understands you, this does not mean that they will comply with your requests. Communication is an art that requires listening, sharing and sometimes negotiation.





Jill Lauri is an animal communicator who guides people and their pets in exploring the healing opportunities in these relationships. She helps people better understand their animals and can help with health issues, behavioral concerns and pet loss. Jill talks telepathically to all species of animals and those who have passed over. She holds Animal Communication Sessions over the phone, so you can talk from the comfort of your home. Jill leads Animal Loss Healing Groups and Animal Communication Workshops, including Deepening Your Relationship with Animals. She offers a free Healing with Animals Guide at HealingWithAnimals.com and a Healing with Animals blog.