15 Works of Art from Secret World of Pets

After working as a reporter, a television producer and a website editor, Diana Lundin struck gold when she returned to photography, her first love. She began photographing her neighbors’ dogs and cats in 2013, and knew squeaking plush toys and waving pheasant feathers would be something she would be doing the rest of her life. Besides her regular pet photography, Diana creates composite art through her The Secret World of Pets website. There, dogs and cats enter worlds that don’t really exist but look as if they could. Here is some of her unique artwork.

1. An Homage to Edward Hopper

Hopper’s haunting Nighthawks has been parodied so many times but not with a dancing dog at the counter. When Diana was putting it together, she thought, what would dogs drink in a diner? And then it hit her… toilet water. So the coffee urns in the original have been switched to toilets with taps.

2. Birth of Luna

Luna is a dog that has been Diana's muse for many years. Luna's award-winning pose reminded Diana of Botticelli’s the Birth of Venus. The zephyrs are pit bulls and she is being clothed by a Savannah cat.

3. Blue Dog

One of Diana's first composites, blue dog is barely visible in a moonlit forest.

4. Frenchie in a Field

This was the vision of Diana's client who imagined her 7-month-old piebald Frenchie in a dandelion field towering over a herd of Holsteins.

5. Handmaid’s Tail

Luna as Offred from Hulu’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” series.

6. Jungle Explorers

Two explorers, with their compass and maps, see something mysterious in the jungle before them.

7. Kiwi Rescued at Sea

He’s floating on a radioactive barrel and is about to reach out to a helicopter ladder.

8. On Vacation

Leroy is headed to California with all of his prized possessions.

9. Phoebe Lost at Sea

Phoebe looks like she’s the victim of a wreck of some sort but she is being towed to shore by a seahorse.

10. Son of Dog

A play on Magritte’s Son of Man.

11. Star Wars

Diana's client loved Star Wars and had costumes for his three dogs and wanted one with the three of them together.

12. Storybook Library

Ever wonder what happens in a library after hours?

13. Superhero

Heroic Finny under a moonlit sky in Los Angeles.

14. When God Created Dog

DaVinci’s Sistine Chapel masterpiece takes on new life reimagined with a Great Dane as God and a dog rescued from hurricane Harvey as Adam.

15. You’re a Wizard, Izzy

This is part of a different piece with three humans and three dogs. The white owl brings a message.