12 Health Benefits of Raw Dog Food for Each Day of Christmas

With Christmas quickly approaching, your days may be packed with holiday parties and shopping for your family. But amid all the holiday hubbub, it’s important not to neglect the furriest member of your family: your dog.

And, as the holidays bring us closer to 2020 with new year’s resolutions in full swing, it’s a perfect time to reexamine your pet’s diet and make a change for the better by switching to raw foods. To get you in the spirit, here are 12 health benefits of raw dog food for each day of Christmas.

1. Science says so. Dog food should be made of what dogs are biologically meant to eat. While it sounds obvious, carbohydrates often comprise up to 50 percent of the content of commercial dog food brands — even though dogs do not have a dietary requirement for carbohydrates like humans do. Get your four-legged friend on a diet of foods nature actually intended them to eat by switching to raw foods, which are based on healthy proteins like beef, turkey and lamb.

2. Age-specific dog food. While commercial manufacturers typically offer a one-size-fits-all dog food designed for all life stages, there are some raw food manufactures — including Cali Raw — that design formulas that are life stage-specific. Age-specific dog food is particularly important because a growing puppy requires different nutrients than adult dogs. Dogs younger than 1-year-old require higher calories and proteins, in addition to goodies like calcium, fish oil and other vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, dogs between the ages of one and seven are typically neutered, which slows their metabolism and drops their caloric needs. Quality adult-dog-specific raw foods may feature a balance of protein, fat, fiber and carbs, along with vitamins and minerals.

Finally, pets older than seven years are typically labeled as “senior,” and “geriatric” pets are beyond the age of 10. Because pets age at different rates and may develop individual health issues, there is currently no standard label in the industry for geriatric dogs. If you are concerned about getting your older pup the right nutrients, talk to your vet and your raw food supplier to customize an appropriate meal.

3. Healthier coat. Coats are a helpful and easy indicator of your dog’s health. A shiny, beautiful coat usually means a happy, healthy dog. You’ll notice a dramatic improvement in your pup’s coat on a raw food diet.

4. More energy. Packed with essential nutrients derived from natural ingredients, raw dog food provides all the energy your healthy, active pooch needs. Commercial brands, by contrast, are often loaded with filler, artificial dyes and flavorings.

5. Weight loss. Just like a lot of their human parents, many dogs could use to lose a few pounds. According to eleventh annual Association for Pet Obesity Prevention study, data from 2018 show almost 60% of dogs in the U.S. are overweight or obese. Raw food diets are founded on healthy, biologically appropriate nutrients for dogs that will help your pet shed those extra pounds.

6. Helps maintain healthy weight. As any human dieter can tell you, losing the weight is only half the battle; maintaining an ideal healthy weight is a whole separate struggle. Cali Raw dog foods are a great maintenance-weight choice to help your dog keep those hard-earned lost pounds from returning.

7. Digestive health. Considering the composition of traditional commercial dog food — which are high in carbohydrates not found in a natural canine diet — and their extreme high-heat production process, it’s no wonder so many dogs have persistent digestive issues. Switching to a raw food diet promotes digestive health in dogs: you’ll notice the difference in smaller, firmer stools.

8. Oral and dental health. Even the most loving, devoted pet parents have to acknowledge it — sometimes your dog’s breath stinks. A raw food diet encourages oral health in dogs, which is great for them, of course, but as an added bonus, their improved breath will mean cozying up with them smells much better for you.

9. Fewer vet visits. By encouraging an ideal healthy weight, nurturing digestive and dental health, and promoting the overall wellness of your four-legged friend, you’ll cut down on time-consuming and expensive visits to the vet.

10. Your dog will love their new food. Unsurprisingly, some pets are less than enthusiastic come dinner-time when a bowl of heavily-processed dry kibble appears in their bowl day after day. Raw food diets, composed of the ingredient’s nature intended dogs to consume are great for finicky eaters, which means no more coaxing your pup — one piece of kibble at a time come — dinner-time. And no more of your pup begging for your leftovers after dinner.

The benefits of a raw food diet aren’t just for the dogs, pet parents will love the switch, too.

11. Take comfort knowing your dog’s food is safe. Repeated scares over contaminated dog food in recent years have understandably generated concern among pet-owners over what exactly is safe to feed their dogs. Take comfort in knowing that your dog’s food is safe and free of dangerous contaminants with raw dog food from reputable manufacturers like Cali Raw. Produced in USDA inspected facilities and sourced from human-grade ingredients, Cali Raw offers dog owners peace of mind knowing that their dog’s food is safe.

12. Convenient and customizable. Shopping for ingredients, weighing the precise amount of each, and preparing home-made raw food for your dog isn’t just challenging and time-consuming, done incorrectly it may result in an unbalanced, unhealthy diet. With customizable flavor and delivery options, subscription companies like Cali Raw make switching to a raw food diet easy; packages will arrive at your door perfectly balanced based on your dog’s age, exactly when expected, in an easy, ready to serve mix.

Learn more about the benefits of a raw food diet, tips on transitioning your dog, and all the convenient, flexible subscription options offered by Cali Raw here.

Content written and provided by Cali Raw.