10 Ways to Show You Love Your Pets

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. You may be ready to shower your significant other with flowers, chocolates and romance, but what about your pet? Valentine’s Day is also a day to show your pet how much you love them. From accessories to toys to even supplements and treats, here is a pet products list that showcases your unconditional love for your furry companion.

1. Link Plus

Show your dog you love them with a product that lets you keep track of them. Link Plus is a pet wearable that allows you to connect with your dog 24/7/365 via a mobile app. More than just a GPS tracker, Link Plus offers activity monitoring and recommendations to help make sure your dog is getting enough movement and exercise as well as remote turn-on features, such as light and sound to help with training and safety.


2. Nature’s Comfort Zen Line

Nothing shows your love for pets like supplements that safely help ease and comfort them when they are unhappy or in pain. Earth Animal Nature’s Comfort ZEN with proprietary UPTAKE Technology fast-acting comfort is here! ZEN-PEN and ZEN-TABS, made with full-spectrum hemp with naturally occurring CBD, offer dogs and cats fast-acting, long-lasting comfort and relief. UPTAKE Technology helps the active elements of the CBD permeate barriers and enter the bloodstream quickly and safely.


3. Dog Rocks

We all got to take care of business, and when it doesn’t go well, it can provide lots of frustration. Love your dog and yourself by making going to the bathroom easier. Dog Rocks are 100 percent natural rocks found exclusively in an Australian quarry. They are proven to work continuously to filter out the impurities responsible for excess nitrate concentrations in canine urine, which is the cause of lawn burn. The new bag size contains 600 grams (1.32 pounds) of rocks.


4. P.L.A.Y. Puppy Love Toy Collection

Celebrate your unconditional love every day by stopping to sniff and squeak the Rover’s Roses toy, play tug-of-war for the best seat in the house with the Fur-ever Hearts rope toy and then toast all the fun times with the Barking Bubbly toy! Perfect for any occasion, these sweet toys are sure to impress, while signifying a bond that will last fur-ever.


5. Huxley & Kent Valentine’s Day Neckwear

Huxley & Kent has a merchandised collection of whimsical neckwear patterns and fun toys to offer for Valentine’s Day. Neckwear patterns are offered in four varieties, including new Puppy Love, which features a bow tie, pinwheel, long tie and bandana. Ties and pinwheels easily attach to collars for dogs and cats.


6. Merrick Fresh Kisses


Valentine’s Day means extra kisses for your pet. But if your pet has bad breath, you might be less willing to shower them with smooches. Merrick Fresh Kisses dental treats are crafted with all-natural ingredients such as mint breath strips, coconut oil and a combination of botanical oils to freshen breath. Available in two flavors, the innovative dental treat features a unique double-brush design to clean a dog’s teeth by removing plaque and tartar.


7. Cat Sushi


Spoil your cat with a delicious treat for Valentine’s Day. Made from 100 percent premium Japanese tuna, Cat Sushi is a healthy, delicious, single-ingredient treat. Cat Sushi is an authentic Japanese delicacy. While other bonito flakes might be sourced from around the world and repackaged domestically, Cat Sushi is fished, prepared and packaged all in Japan. Produced with the same human-grade techniques used in traditional Japanese cuisine, Cat Sushi works great as an appetizer and can be mixed with dry and wet food.


8. Saltsox

Loving your pet means keeping them protected, especially from the colder weather. And winter in urban environments presents its own challenges when it comes to keeping your pet happy. Salted sidewalks, freezing temperatures, frostbite and paw-tracked floors are just the start of it. Saltsox are uniquely designed to answer all that and more through their anatomically engineered fit, waterproof/breathable laminated fabric, polar fleece lining, durable thin sole and stretch Velcro closure system.


9. Ware Atomic Ball

Critters also deserve plenty of love and attention. And your small, furry friends will have a blast with the Atomic Ball from Ware Pet Products. It is made of all-natural wood and has a nutty surprise inside. Chew toys help small pets overcome cage boredom and promote good dental health. It’s great for small pets that nibble and gnaw.


10. 5Strands Affordable Testing for Pets

Go the extra mile with your love for your pet by knowing the abnormal behaviors, allergies or intolerances it has and making adjustments that improve its quality of life. 5Strands Affordable Testing provides an extensive report that tests for 200+ food ingredients and 100+ environmental items in a way that is simple, painless and non-invasive. Just send 10-15 hair strands, preferably brushed with a clean comb or pulled from a small area on the pet. Your pet’s personalized results are sent in an email five to seven business days after receiving the pet hair sample and formatted into a simple, easy-to-read report.