10 Types of Chickens for Small Spaces

Have you been daydreaming about raising chickens but don’t have a big backyard, so you didn’t think you could turn this idea into reality? Well, think again! Bantam chickens are miniature in size and therefore can be raised in an area with limited space. According to a blog post published on the PopWorms website, here are some breeds to consider for your small backyard:

Pekin Bantam

1. Pekin Bantam - Also known as Cochin Bantams, these fluffy chickens make great pets. The friendly nature of the Pekin Bantam makes them popular with families, and they come in a variety of colors, including blue, buff, white and black.

2. Japanese Bantam - Popular for their beautiful appearance, Japanese Bantams come in a variety of colors. One of the smaller breeds, these bantams have a showy array of tail feathers and are great breeds for fairs and shows. These tiny beauties have friendly personalities as well.

3. Sebright Bantam - With their striking feather pattern, Sebright Bantams are sure to be a favorite in the small yard flock. While they are only available in two colors, their unique look will keep you from missing variety. Hens and roosters share the same pattern. Sebrights are also a friendly bantam breed.

4. Brahma Bantams - The friendly nature of Brahma Bantams makes them the perfect city chicken. Available in a large variety of colors, Brahma Bantams are tolerant to cold weather and can be a good choice for northern flocks. Brahmas are also productive egg layers.

Easter Egger

5. Easter Eggers - These adorable bantams are sometimes called Araucanas because they originated from the breed. These chickens are good layers, but they are really known for the rainbow of colored eggs they produce. Egg colors may include blue, green, white, brown and pink.

6. Leghorn Bantams - Leghorns share many of the same qualities as their full-size counterparts. Known for their beautiful appearance and enjoyed for a proud personality, Leghorns are a valuable addition to any flock. These bantams are also very productive layers.

7. Plymouth Rock - The barred variety of this chicken is one of the most popular bantam breeds. Besides their pretty appearance, Plymouth Rock Bantams have a docile personality and are great egg producers.

8. Sussex - Sussex Bantams are champion egg producers. They even lay eggs in the winter, which is an unusual quality for bantams. Their tame nature and larger size make them a good choice for children’s pets.

Dutch Bantam

9. Dutch Bantams - Dutch Bantams is an attractive breed that comes in a variety of colors. They are productive layers and have docile personalities.

10. Serama Bantams - Seramas are the smallest bantams, making them a winner for small spaces. Their appearance is much like the Japanese Bantam. However, they are accepted in any color combination, creating a potentially endless variety.

Whether you are buying your chicks from a hatchery or a local store, bantam chicks are widely available. These tiny chicks are fun to raise and grow quickly. In terms of using bantam eggs for cooking, it typically takes two of these dainty eggs to equal one regular chicken egg.