10 Types of Cats

Cats come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. And their personalities are as unique as their physical appearances. Some are laid back, some have cattitude. After diligent research, we have created a list of the 10 different types of personalities that cats possess. What kind of personality does your cat have?


Angry Cat

There is absolutely no pleasing this type of cat. With luck, you rarely see this expression on your feline friend. If your cat is an “Angry Cat” inside and out, you have our prayers.


Chatty Cat

Vocalizing is one way that cats love to tell you how much they care about something, but sometimes they go too far. A cat that fits into this category enjoys chatting with you, its toys and even the birds, cats and squirrels that it sees on the other side of the window.


Chill Cat

It takes a lot to get this cat worked up. Very little bothers this kind of feline. As long as they have their essentials, they’ll go with the flow.


Hippy Cat

This type of cat has an addiction to catnip. And all that high energy builds up an appetite, so this kitty enjoys eating whenever it can in between catnip playtime.


Hungry Cat

Food is this cat’s happy place. This feline makes eating and sleeping a reality, so much that you’re probably envious that this cat can do this so easily.


Hyper Cat

This cat is bouncing off the ceiling, maybe even literally. They are all about an active and playful lifestyle, no time for sleep.


Hypnotic Cat

If you have this type of cat, be prepared to always lose at staring contests. This cat has you under their cuteness spell—any efforts are futile.


Lazy Cat

This kind of cat is a pro at being a couch potato. Aside from food and water, all it needs is a warm, comfy bed, blanket or lap.


Ninja Cat

These types of cats put The Flash to shame. Stealth and agility are on their side, and you will be wondering if your cat has the power to teleport.


Scaredy Cat

People, noises and other animals, oh my! This cat is easily spooked and primarily uses its speed to get to the closest hiding spot.