10 Soothing Products to Keep in Your Pet Med Kit

Life happens, so we recommend keeping a medkit handy especially for your pets. Here are some products to have in your arsenal of pet first aid supplies to keep them healthy and happy all year round.

1. Remedy + Recovery Calming Lavender Mist E-Collar Kit

Have an anxious pet? The Remedy + Recovery Calming Lavender Mist E-Collar Kit allows you to take any pet collar and make it even better—by turning it into one with calming powers. Simply spray two of the kit’s replaceable disks with the four-ounce bottle of Calming Lavender Mist and attach them to your pet’s collar. The relaxing vapors will do the rest!


2. Earth Animal Organic Herbal Remedies

With 11 condition-specific tinctures, the Herbal Remedies line from Earth Animal is likely to address any common ailment that might be plaguing your pet. They’re crafted in Bethel, Vermont, by Dr. Bob Goldstein and Earth Animal’s Master Herbalist, using locally grown plant extracts. From nose to tail and everything in between, these Organic Herbal Remedies provide a natural solution.


3. earthbath Tushy Wipes

We get it—sometimes you just don’t have the time or energy to give your pets baths as frequently as you’d like. And pet butts, they tend to get stinky real fast. earthbath’s Tushy Wipes keep cats and dogs fresh, clean and odor-free in between bathing. With gentle and non-irritating ingredients, you don’t have to worry about your buddy’s behind, and you might even be able to persuade Fido to put the booty-dragging dance to rest.


4. Hemp-Enhanced Hip and Joint Product by Grizzly Pet

Grizzly Pet’s new Hemp-Enhanced Hip and Joint Supplement use a unique blend of organically grown hemp oil and wild krill oil to promote pets’ relaxation (without drowsiness) and to ease aches and pains associated with everyday activity and beyond. Available in a liquid or pellets, these supplements have a naturally appealing taste so getting pets on board will be a breeze.


5. ClotIt

Accidents happen. And when they do, being prepared can be crucial. ClotIt is a non-staining blood clotting powder made up of all-natural minerals, and it’s designed to stop bleeding fast in minor and severe external wounds. It doesn’t sting, and is available in single-use packets or applicators in several sizes. Remember, it’s better to be safe than to be sorry!


6. All Four Paws Comfy Cone

It can be hard to balance comfort with healing, especially after a pet is injured or goes through surgery. An alternative to rigid and plastic medical “c-o-n-e-s,” the Comfy Cone keeps cats and dogs from further agitating a sensitive area or wound while still allowing them maximum comfort while they walk, eat, sleep and play. Highly adjustable as well as vet-tested and vet-approved, the Comfy Cone won’t add insult to injury.


7. Coconut Snoutstik

With winter coming up, it’s important to protect your pup’s sensitive nose against dryness, cracking and irritation from exposure to harsh weather. Opie & Dixie’s Organic Snoutstik now comes in a coconut version! This rich, fatty oil is used in many skin care products for humans, but now dogs can benefit as well. It’s naturally antibacterial and antifungal and makes an excellent moisturizer to help heal sensitive snouts.


8. Pura Naturals Paw Rescue

Snouts aren’t the only body part that need extra lovin’ as the weather gets more extreme! Pura Naturals Paw Rescue uses all-natural ingredients to heal, soothe and moisturize paw pads damaged by snow, ice, extreme heat or rough terrain. Since it’s fragrance-, chemical- and paraben-free, Paw Rescue is safe even for the most sensitive pups, and there’s no need to worry if your pet licks up some of the balm.


9. Sturtevant’s Canine Antiseptic Formula

With pest levels (including fleas, ticks and more) reaching alarming levels across the U.S., it’s important for pet owners to know what options are out there for combatting parasites. And even if your dog is battling a non-parasite-related skin issue, Sturtevant’s is here to help. The versatile Canine Antiseptic Formula can treat conditions ranging from atopic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, sarcoptic canine scabies and staphyloccus intermedius pyoderma.


10. Espree Pet Oral Care

If we’re being honest, the task of brushing your pet’s teeth (while very important) is not much fun. We’re guessing that pets enjoy the process even less. With Espree’s Pet Oral Care products, you can achieve all the benefits of a strong dental hygiene routine with less of the struggle. Formulated with vets, these products remove plaque and tartar (without brushing), freshen breath and support healthy gums. Appropriate for dogs and cats!