10 Shampoos That Will Turn Your Pup into a Super Model

Just because the weather outside is frightful doesn’t mean your pup’s fur has to be. These grooming products will have your dog smelling clean and fresh, as well as keeping their skin and fur coat nice and healthy. Stock up on them now, as they’ll come in handy after all those snowy play sessions!

1. Isle of Dogs

Made with only the finest ingredients, the Isle of Dogs Coature collection is specifically designed to work with your dogs’ coat and appropriate pH. Customized for your dog, depending on coat type, skin issues and desired style, the Coature collection’s unique formulations result in superior performance. Use the three-step system—shampoo, conditioner and grooming spray—to complete the ultimate well-being package for your dog.


2. EcoBath Manuka Honey Shampoo

Want your pup to smell as sweet as honey? Only EcoBath Manuka Honey Pet Products are made with Honey Hygiene to Help Heal, Cleanse and Beautify. This shampoo is earth-friendly, pet-safe and free from parabens, sulfates, cyclic silicones, DEA/MEA, petroleum, harmful colors and fragrances. So, your pup will be as sweet and healthy as honey itself!


3. 4-Legger Organic Dog Shampoo

4-Legger’s new product line is an aloe-based organic dog shampoo that has met the high standards of the National Organic Program to display the words “Certified Organic” with the USDA seal on the bottle. The line includes five shampoo products, offering you a selection to choose the right shampoo for your pooch.


4. Pura Naturals Pet 2-in-1 Avocado & Olive Oil Organic Shampoo & Conditioner

Some healthy ingredients you eat are great for your dog’s skin and fur. This product is a timesaving 2-in-1 with organic hemp seed oil. Avocado is packed with proteins, amino acids and vitamins to soothe the skin and olive oil moisturizes and exfoliates. Hemp Oil is an essential omega fatty acid with proteins and is a natural moisturizer that also acts as a barrier to prevent moisture loss. Put them all together and your dog will have a coat that glows and is soft to the touch.


5. Skout’s Honor Probiotic Pet Shampoo & Conditioner in Honeysuckle Scent

The first and only grooming product that stops skin problems before they start! Patent-pending topical probiotic technology supports a pet’s natural defenses against shedding, itching, dryness, hot spots and odor for a naturally balanced and healthier skin and coat. This 2-in-1 shampoo-and-conditioner combo gently cleanses and hydrates, while leaving a pet’s fur silky and smelling amazing!


6. Vetericyn FoamCare Shampoo

Vetericyn has made bath time faster and healthier for you and your pup! Vetericyn FoamCare Shampoo sprays on for quick coverage, foams instantly, conditions skin as it cleans and rinses easily. Available in one medicated and three coat-specific formulas, FoamCare is safe, non-toxic and paraben free.


7. BALANCE Shampoo

BALANCE Australian Eucalyptus Citronella Shampoo is known to aid in repelling fleas, ticks flies and mosquitoes from dogs, cats, ferrets and rabbits. This starlight yellow shampoo leaves a pleasant eucalyptus and citrus scent on the animal - talk about an added bonus on your pet to relieve stress! The natural shampoo is soap- and detergent-free, so it will not strip the coat and can be used as often as necessary.


8. Buddha Bubbles

A shampoo that washes your pet and saves you time to clean up shedding fur? The new Buddha Bubbles shampoo is made with organic ingredients for sensitive skin, is a biodegradable plant-based cleanser and is both antiseptic and antifungal. It aids in itch relief; prevents shedding; and reduces redness, scaling and skin inflammation. The conditioner works as a pest repellent and is naturally antibacterial. It treats dry scalp and irritation, helps detangle, prevents shedding and fights dandruff.


9. Pet Head Shampoos

Pet Head formulas are all human grade, earth friendly, pH adjusted and made in the USA. They are completely safe if licked or swallowed, and are free of parabens, petroleum derivatives, sulphate and DEA. The brand’s ever-growing portfolio includes a full range of canine products with edgy and bold names like Life’s an Itch Soothing Shampoo and Dirty Talk Deodorizing Shampoo and Furtastic Crème Rinse.


10. Top Performance Oatmed Shampoo

Expertly formulated to fight dull, flaky dryness, Top Performance OatMed Shampoo hydrates, rejuvenates and tones, offering optimum relief for a wide array of skin conditions. The fragrance-free, hypoallergenic formula is perfect for dogs and cats with sensitivities to other shampoos. It’s loaded with oat protein and aloe to restore the skin’s natural balance while it cleans and soothes. The aloe vera has antifungal and antibacterial properties that greatly benefit the skin and coat. The formula forms a fine film on skin and penetrates deep to naturally moisturize and enhances and speeds wound healing by improving the collagen deposition and activating immune cells within the skin.