10 Products That Will Make Your Cat the Envy of the Neighborhood

Feline fine! Your cats deserve products that encourage a happy and healthy lifestyle of play, sleep and more. You’ll be bragging to your friends and family about these products and your cat will lavish in the spoils of being the center of attention. It’s the purrfect combination!

1. PetSafe Come With Me Kitty Cat Harness and Bungee Leash

Take your feline on adventures with you. The Come With Me Kitty Harness and Bungee Leash gives you gentle, comfortable control of your cat or kitten. The bungee leash is specially designed to gently and securely control your cat. When your cat moves forward, the leash flexes with your cat’s movement and tightens across the harness shoulder straps, which removes pressure from the throat area and prevents your cat from choking or escaping. Made of nylon and available in three sizes and six colors, share in walks, exercise and playtime with your cat.


2. Mousy by Go Kitty Cat

Play a modern-day version of Cat-and-Mouse with your feline. Mousy, a rugged toy that can survive rough play, is USB rechargeable with a long battery life for continuous play time. You can control it from your smartphone or let it run on its own. And you’ll never lose it because Mousy has a find mode to easily locate it with your smartphone. Mousy can make several noises and is small—like a real mouse—to pique your cat’s interest.


3. Calypso Everlasting Cat Scratcher by The Refined Feline

Want to keep your cats from scratching your furniture? Entice them with a display made just for them. Super strong poly rattan weaved around an eye catching design, the Calypso Everlasting Cat Scratcher makes a great cat scratching post that’s built to last, as well as a beautiful floor accent piece. Its weighted bottom resists tipping, and it is tall enough for large cats to stretch and scratch. With a modern, stylish look, guests will never know it’s a scratching post, and you’ll be happy your favorite couch is tear-free.


4. The SureFeed by SureFlap

Upgrade your cat’s food bowl and save money on their kibble, too. The SureFeed sealed pet bowl features a motion-activated lid that opens when pets approach and closes when they are through eating, producing a tight seal that keeps food fresh longer. It’s suitable for wet and dry food, locks odors in and keeps the food fresh and flies away. Colorful bowls are also available to purchase separately so your feline can also dine in style.


5. Walking Palm Cat Caves

Help your cat have the purrfect cat nap with the Walking Palm Cat Cave. These cozy hideaways provide a comfortable sleeping and playing burrow for pets of all sizes. Furry friends will love the smell and feel of the all-natural, hand-felted New Zealand wool! Choose from a wide selection of fun colors to complement your home décor. Sleep just got better for your favorite feline with a cat bed that is both beautiful and functional.


6. Sleepypod

When it comes to traveling, go in style without sacrificing safety and comfort. Sleepypod has a variety of crash-tested carriers to fit you and your cat’s unique travel lifestyle. Sleepypod Atom is a carrier for small pets that works as a shoulder bag, straps into a car seat for protection and can ride along on an airplane. It has bedding that is machine washable, a trolley pocket so it can attach to luggage for rolling through the airport and pouches for storing essentials. Now you can travel safely and comfortably with your favorite feline.


7. Ripple Rug

Support your cat’s need to hunt, stalk, pounce and hide with Ripple Rug. From recycled plastic bottles to polyester, these rugs are designed to create ripples and tunnels when placed on the floor and have holes cut into them so you can interact with your cat by dangling toys over them. Easy to clean and with safety slits to allow hole expansion for bigger pets, Ripple Rug encourages longer playtime and a cleaner environment at the same time.


8. PetPace Smart Collar

Collars just as smart as your smartphone? The PetPace Smart Collar is a smart sensing collar that works in conjunction with a health monitoring service to provide dashboard alerts on your phone. Designed to measure seven key aspects of a pet’s health (temperature, pulse, respiration, activity levels, positions/posture, calories and heart rate variability), the collar is lightweight, rugged and waterproof, and comes in three sizes that can be worn comfortably by your cat just like a regular collar. It’s an easy way for you to be in the know on your cat’s health.


9. Cat H2O Fresh/Filtered Water Systems

Fresh water not only keeps your cats hydrated but also helps keep away many illnesses. Keep your cat hydrated and healthy with Cat H2O. Cats love running water because their instinct tells them that running water is clean water. Cat H2O is designed with skimmers that aerate water and keep the surface free from saliva and slime. It has multiple drinking water levels for cats of all sizes and is dishwasher friendly with easy disassembly. Give your cat a water bowl that is both refreshing and good for their health.


10. Neon Litter

Liven up and personalize your cat’s litter box with Neon Litter. Its absorbent micro-sized crystals are soft on paws and dust-free. Available in a variety of neon-bright colors, including pink, green, and purple, Neon Litter has amazing odor control and is 70 percent lighter than clay litters. It also creates easy-to-scoop clumps to make cleaning more convenient. Who knew your cat’s business could look so cool and colorful?