10 Most Instagrammed Cat Breeds

From a fluffy Persian to a humble moggy, we simply can't resist a pretty kitty. However, some breeds hold more of a place in our hearts than others.

New research from comparethemarket.com has studied hashtag data from just under 100 cat breeds to find out which is our favorite of all-time. Why not take a paws on your day to discover if your favorite breed ranks?

1. Maine Coon: 6.63 million

It’s no wonder these cats take the No. 1 spot. Considered the largest domestic cat breed, Maine Coons are loyal, playful and, unlike many other cat breeds, prefer to stay close to the ground and often enjoy water. Also referred to as the American Longhair because they have long, shaggy multi-layered fur, furry ears (some with tufts) and bushy tails, which they can actually wrap around their body for extra warmth.

2. Siamese: 5.33 million

Siamese, if you please! These cats are best known for their sleek, distinctive appearance. Their coats can come in different color variations, which is determined by their genetics and the temperature of their surroundings. Nicknamed meezer, these kitties have been quite popular among celebrities and well-known figures, like Elizabeth Taylor, and have made appearances in movies such as “That Darn Cat!” (1965) and “Lady and the Tramp” (1955). Siamese are affectionate, intelligent and very vocal.

3. British Shorthair: 5.25 million

The British Shorthair breed was the inspiration for the Cheshire Cat in “Alice in Wonderland.” They typically have a distinctively chunky body, dense coat and broad face. While their coats come in various colors, the best known color is blue (gray). This is why they are sometimes referred to as British Blues. British Shorthairs are mellow and easy-going cats.

4. Scottish Fold: 4.81 million

These cats are known for their unique ears. This is caused by a natural, dominant-gene mutation that affects cartilage throughout the body, causing the ears to “fold,” bending forward and down toward the front of the head, which gives the cat what is often described as an owl-like appearance. They can be found with long or short hair and in a variety of fur colors and patterns. Scottish Folds are playful and famed for their adaptive attitudes.

5. Bengal: 4.26 million

It’s hard to miss this cat because its exotic, leopard-like coat is a trademark to the breed. And despite their wild appearance, Bengals have a gentle and affectionate temperament. But unlike other cats, they are not dainty or lazy creatures. They are high-energy cats that love to play and actively explore; they are adventurous cats!

6. Persian: 4.18 million

Also known as the Persian Longhair, Persian cats are characterized by their long hair, round faces and short muzzle, which has become more prominent and exaggerated over time. This cat can remain inactive for long periods, and it has often been called “furniture with fur” because of this characteristic. But Persians are still playful creatures, albeit not as much as other cat breeds. Persians are quiet, sweet-tempered cats.

7. Sphynx: 4.03 million

You know these cats when you see their coat—because they have no coat! Or do they? Although they appears to be completely bald at first glance, closer inspection will often reveal a very fine, short coat of fuzz that gives the skin the feel of fine suede. But no matter what, their wrinkled skin and large ears are on prominent display. This breed is friendly, loving and known to have a clown-like personality.

8. Ragdoll: 3.71 million

The Ragdoll cat is usually described in three words: big, beautiful and friendly. They have silky, medium-length fur that’s similar to a Persian or Angora and a sizable body. The breed supposedly got its name because early litters of the cat became limp and floppy like rag dolls when they were picked up. Therefore, ragdolls thrive on human companionship and love to be held.

9. Russian Blue: 2.52 million

Russian Blues come in colors varying from a light shimmering silver to a darker, slate gray. It is their short, dense coat that has been the hallmark of the breed for more than a century. They are also known for its slightly upturned mouth, which is frequently compared to the enigmatic Mona Lisa smile. Russian Blues are well-behaved and playful cats.

10. Munchkin: 2.44 million

Much like its dog counterpart, this breed is also referred to as the sausage cat. Munchkin cats have trademark short legs that are caused by a genetic mutation. But don’t underestimate these cats for their size. They are confident and outgoing. They love to cuddle, explore and play, so much so that they are frequently dubbed the magpies of the cat species because they often borrow small, shiny objects and stash them away for later play.

You can see the full list here to see if you own one of the most Instagrammed cats.