10 Dog Treats Worth Barking About

Whether your pup does a trick or just deserves something extra, treats are a pawsome reward that will have them begging for more! But don’t just grab any treat you see. These products are star qualitreats you’ll be purchasing by the bulk and always having on hand to spoil your favorite pooch.

1. Treats by Einstein Pets

When training or rewarding your pup, it’s important to use treats that are irresistibly yummy, small enough for them to munch on, easy to carry and, of course, healthy and wholesome. Einstein Pets treats are the perfect size and taste for rewarding your favorite pooch. The Black & Whites make for an omega-rich and high-protein, low-fat alternative to conventional treats, and they’re perfect for training sessions, stuffable toys or sprinkling on top of food. These low-calorie bites contain only six ingredients: oat flour, carob powder, coconut, honey, vanilla and chia seed.


2. Phyto HempBone Bacon Apple Donuts

Promote your dog’s overall wellness with treats! Featuring natural bacon and apple ingredients, the HempBone Bacon Apple Donuts by Phyto Animal Health artisanal baked pet treats are infused with four milligrams of cannabidiol (CBD) per chew. The all-natural supplement is intended for daily use to help cardiovascular function, support healthy joints and promote neurological health and emotional behavior. These treats are soft and all-natural, crafted free of corn, wheat and soy with a delicious bacon, apple and cinnamon taste dogs love.


3. DOZERS Bones

Just like limited ingredients is good for your dog’s food, it’s also good for their treats. DOZERS are made in the USA and contain eight all-natural, wholesome ingredients that work to combine flavor and design into a healthy treat for your pup. Free of gluten, wheat and corn, each package of DOZERS features delectable treats made from potatoes, brown rice, chicken, lecithin, glycerin, cellulose, parsley, cumin, each with a special blend of nutrients your dog needs. DOZERS are healthy and tasty, and freshen breath!


4. Orijen Single-Source Dog Treats

Dogs love treats that are packed full of flavor. Orijen Single-Source Treats are gently freeze-dried without artificial preservatives to lock in the natural flavors for a pure and tasty treat. These dog treats are available in nine flavors: Original, Six Fish, Regional Red, Tundra, Angus Beef, Grass-Fed Lamb, Free-Run Duck, Wild Boar and Kentucky Bison. True to their name, these treats are made from a single ingredient of 100 percent natural meats, poultry or fish. What dog wouldn’t want a mouth-watering treat that gives them the nutrients they need?


5. Chip’s Naturals Doggie Sweet Taters by Kennelmaster

Nothing says a sweet treat like sweet potatoes. Chip’s Naturals Doggie Sweet Taters feature sweet potatoes, which are an all-natural, healthy alternative for your dog that are high in fiber and low in fat. These treats also are high in beta-carotene and minerals that promote good digestive health. Your pup will be licking their lips before and after having these sweet-tasting chews.


6. Caru Soft ’n Tasty Baked Bites

Treats should be power-packed and full of flavors. The Caru Pet Food family offers a variety of all-natural dog and cat treats, including its Soft ’n Tasty Baked Bites line. With a variety of flavors, including Tuna and Pheasant for dogs, each delicious square inch treat is made with USDA inspected meat as the first ingredient. Prepared in small batches with carefully selected, non-GMO ingredients, each treat is packed with high-quality protein and fruits to help promote strong muscles and a healthy heart in your pooch.


7. K9 Bros Treats

Human-grade, no preservatives, no fillers, all-natural and, of course, tasty. These are what make good treats stand out. K9 Bros offers a line of dog treats that encompass these traits. The line includes four flavors: Live of Lamb, Sweet Potato Medallions, Chicken Breast and Heart of Lamb. All four treats are high in vitamins and minerals, and sprinkled with spices and ingredients that add flavor and added nutrients. It doesn’t matter whether your pooch prefers meat or vegetables, these treats are healthy and delicious.


8. Brewscuits Drunken Moose

Want a treat that is both nutritious and unique? Brewscuits treats are made with many ingredients, including grain that is upcycled from high quality-spent beer grains from different breweries. Don’t worry, your pup won’t get drunk. These treats have no alcohol or hops, but are full of ingredients that are a good source of fiber and packed with protein, like peanut butter. Its Drunken Moose treats are the Original Brewscuits peanut butter treats but made better with the addition of moose antlers from Acadia Antlers, providing an added calcium benefit for your dog.


9. Jiminy’s Original Cricket Cookies

You may not be a fan of crickets (or any insect for that matter), but your dog does. Crickets are all natural, sustainable and a high protein ingredient that taste great and give your dog energy. Jiminy’s Original Cricket Cookies feature these chirping delicacies. These treats also include lentils, another ingredient that is all natural and high in protein, and pumpkin, which is a tummy-friendly ingredient. Every ingredient has been selected with care to provide good nutrition your dog will love.


10. 4 Paws Butcher Shop Jerky

Jerky is a guilty-pleasure snack for us, so why not offer it to our beloved pets? 4 Paws Butcher Shop Jerky is made of pure, single ingredients. The line features four flavors: Chicken, Pork, Turkey and Wagyu. Each flavor consists of 100 percent USDA human-grade meat or poultry, and that’s it. The treats are oven-roasted without any additives, maintaining the wholesome goodness your dog loves and deserves. Now you and your pup can enjoy your jerky treats together!