10 Most Common Reasons Pets Visit Vets

Veterinary visits, while necessary in order to help keep our furry friends healthy and, ultimately, happy, are no fun for pets, many of whom may find the experience to be quite stressful. They can also be a bummer for owners when they find themselves spending a lot of money on medical bills—especially if they don’t have pet health insurance. But that doesn’t mean trips to the vet should be avoided! It’s better to nip smaller health problems in the bud before they turn into much bigger issues. After all, wouldn’t you do anything possible to maintain your beloved pet’s well-being?

“Pet owners are encouraged to schedule regular medical checkups as recommended by their veterinarians to prevent many common yet problematic medical conditions,” said Carol McConnell, DVM, MBA, vice president and chief veterinary officer at pet health insurance provider Nationwide, in a recent press release. “Early detection can be key. The majority of medical conditions on the top 10 list can be successfully managed if treated promptly by a veterinarian.”

Nationwide analyzed its database of more than 725,000 insured pets to determine the top medical conditions that prompted vet visits for dogs and cats. Here are the results:


1. Skin allergies
2. Ear infection
3. Non-cancerous skin mass
4. Diarrhea/intestinal upset
5. Skin infection
6. Vomiting/upset stomach
7. Arthritis
8. Dental disease
9. Anal gland inflammation
10. Bladder urinary tract disease



1. Bladder/urinary tract disease
2. Dental disease
3. Chronic kidney disease
4. Vomiting/upset stomach
5. Diarrhea/intestinal upset
6. Excessive thyroid hormone
7. Upper respiratory infection
8. Skin allergies
9. Diabetes
10. Heart valve malfunction