10 CBD Products for National Dog Day

It’s National Dog Day, a day that boasts spoiling your favorite pup with extra love. And for our pooches that are getting older, have aching joints or get anxious, CBD products are a perfect way to show them that you have their best interests in mind. The variety of CBD products available at your fingertips can make the experience rewarding in more ways than one. Whether it’s shampoos for bath-loving pooches or delicious treats that they beg for, there is a CBD product out there to ease your canine so you both can relax and enjoy National Dog Day.

1. Medterra CBD


Medterra CBD’s pet line is formulated with your furry friends in mind to give them natural comfort from issues ranging from anxiety to pain. The pet line includes 300mg tinctured in chicken, beef and unflavored varieties, plus joint support 200mg soft chews in peanut butter and bacon flavor. The pet bundle includes both items from the pet line with an added 1,000mg CBD tincture for humans, so you and your pet can feel great together. Made with 99% pure CBD extracted from industrial hemp, Medterra’s products are guaranteed to be THC free — separating themselves from many other brands.


2. Nature’s Pet Herbals

With CBD grown at its fully integrated facility in Colorado, Nature’s Pet Herbals offers up Hempful Chicken Stix and Hempful Bits. Made with chicken and CBD, with no artificial colors, added flavoring or preservatives. Highly palatable, they are dehydrated for a longer shelf life. Each of the Chicken Stix contains approximately 5mg of CBD. The Bits are the Stix cut into smaller pieces. These products are treats and are meant to augment a regular regiment of CBD oil in the pet’s diet.


3. Cannalove Shampoo

PetFX is dedicated to improving the well-being of dogs by harnessing the power of hemp in doctor-formulated products that are naturally hypoallergenic, 100% biodegradable and cruelty-free. Its hemp-infused canine products boost a dog’s wellness, making them feel better inside and out by using only the highest quality ingredients. Cannalove Shampoo is made of proprietary hemp technologies with vitamins A and E, iodine and chlorophyll. It’s free of salts, alcohols, sulfates, parabens and oils. It’s ideal for all fur types and safe to be used daily.


4. Koi CBD


Give your furry friend what they deserve with our True-Spectrum CBD-infused pet treats. Koi CBD Soft Chews are designed with only one thing in mind — your pet’s health. Made with 100% pure, true-spectrum CBD oil, these treats contain the best, non-GMO, all-natural ingredients. The proprietary formula features a blend of naturally occurring CBD, supporting cannabinoids, terpenes and several other beneficial compounds. These organically grown and veterinarian formulated products are safe to use, and can help reduce anxiety, improve loss of appetite, provide chronic pain relief and manage seizures.


5. LazyDog elicksors Canine Drops

Organically grown in Kentucky and Colorado, elicksors 500mg Active CBD extract canine drops feature solvent-free CO2 extraction and non-intoxicating zero THC. Made with full-spectrum hemp-extracted CBD oil as an active ingredient and coconut oil as an inactive ingredient, it has gone through rigorous third-party lab and batch testing. Can be given two times daily directly into your dog’s mouth.


6. Pet Releaf Edibites

Edibites are handmade and baked in small batches in Pet Releaf’s Colorado kitchen. Whether your dog is healthy or suffering from an illness or injury, Edibites are the perfect immune system boost. They contain no fillers, preservatives, 12-syllable ingredients and are corn-, soy-, dairy- and wheat-free. Edibites are made in the USA.


7. BIOHEMP+ Bites

BIOHEMP+ Bites from Animal Nutritional Products are chews that contain the same proprietary CBD formulation as found in PhytoMAXX liquid and may help dogs that experience anxiety and stress. The easy-to-administer chews can also help with pain issues. Unlike other CBD products, BIOHEMP+ Bites contains capsicum, which activates the TRPV1 receptor that can influence pain perception. CBD and capsaicin binds to the TRPV1 receptor and may help with pain, stress and seizures.


8. Phyto-Bites


Phyto-Bites provide relief to pets who suffer from separation anxiety, pain and other ailments. Phyto-Bites CBD soft chews deliver a two-step process and are veterinarian-approved. When your pet ingests a soft chew, CBD is first absorbed in the mouth, with additional CBD absorbed in the stomach, in turn making them overall happier pets.


9. Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract-Infused Chews

Charlotte’s Web hemp extract is nurtured and tested for quality from seed to shelf to ensure that it matches the unconditional love our dogs show us. Charlotte’s Web new chicken-flavored hemp extract-infused chews come in three formulas: Calming, which helps with anxiety around travel, separation and beyond; Hip & Joint, which eases stiffness caused by dogs’ normal daily routine; and Cognition, which naturally supports healthy brain function.


10. Lickable Actives Peanut Butter

This line of functional peanut butters provides an effective and delicious way to deliver supplements to pets. Safe and recommended for all breeds of dog, ages 12 months and older, these all-natural butters have no added salt, sugar, hydrogenated oils, gluten, wheat, corn or soy. Lickable Actives-PCR Hemp contains 5mg of PCR hemp extract and is THC free. Each formulation is great to use at mealtime, inside stuffable toys or off a lick-friendly spoon.