Take the Ruff Mudder Challenge on Your Next Getaway

Take the Ruff Mudder Challenge on Your Next Getaway

Do you and your pup have plans to go to any of these locations: Philadelphia, Michigan, Boston, Indiana, Colorado, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Nashville or Central Florida? If so, you’d be surprised that they have something in common. Aside from being some great pet-friendly destinations, they are also the locations for the new Ruff Mudder obstacle challenge series (think Tough Mudder for dogs).

Although the challenge started as an April Fool’s Day prank, it has now become a reality as the newest official event in the Tough Mudder lineup. And Chewy.com, the leading online retailer of pet products, supplies and prescriptions in the U.S., will be sponsoring the debuting series.

“Tough Mudder for dogs was initially conceived and shared on social media as a 2017 April Fool’s prank,” said Kelley Kantarian, VP of partnerships at Tough Mudder, Inc. “There was such a tremendous response that we did a trial event last year, and we sold out in 24 hours. Our new partnership with Chewy helps us build on that success by bringing Ruff Mudder to 10 different metropolitan areas across the country – from Boston to Nashville to Seattle.”

“Chewy is thrilled to partner with Tough Mudder as the presenting sponsor for this year’s inaugural national, 10-city Ruff Mudder event series,” added Orlena Yeung, VP of brand marketing at Chewy. “Our partnership with Ruff Mudder [revolves] around a shared focus on active lifestyle and building camaraderie and connections, whether between people or people and animals. This event celebrates the special relationship between people and pets in a fun, exciting and interactive way.”

Ruff Mudder is designed to offer dogs all the fun of a Tough Mudder, featuring seven pup-friendly challenges, including:

  • Mini Everest – Strong hind legs are needed to build momentum and speed to get over the top of this slick, four-foot-high quarter-pipe.
  • Boa Constrictor – Dogs will scratch and slide through to the other side of this dark and muddy tunnel.
  • Mud Mile (x2) – A classic Tough Mudder fan favorite, this mile of mud is doggy heaven. Pups climb over every mound and wade through every valley to conquer this obstacle.
  • Mini Berlin Walls (x2) – A mud-slicked two-foot-tall wall requiring precise paw-eye coordination to cleanly jump over.
  • Mini Mudderhorn – The grand finale of Ruff Mudder has dogs ascending over this thrilling obstacle, reaching victory at the top.

So, whether you and your pup are looking for a pet-friendly city or are going to one of these destinations and want to get out and exercise in a unique way, check out the list of Ruff Mudder dates and locations:

  • Philly | May 18
  • Michigan | June 15
  • Boston | June 29
  • Indiana | August 3
  • Colorado | August 10
  • Chicago | August 24
  • Pittsburgh | September 7
  • Seattle | September 21
  • Nashville | October 5
  • Central Florida | December 7

To register, select a venue here and choose Ruff Mudder as a free add-on to any Saturday event (5K, Classic, Toughest Mudder or Mudder Village Pass). Be sure to bring leashes, proof of vaccinations, and products to clean up after your pups.

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