Milwaukee Hotels That Are Mildoggy

Milwaukee Hotels That Are Mildoggy

At the Hilton Milwaukee City Center, your four-legged friend is welcome to stay with you — and upon checking into the historic Wisconsin hotel with your pet, you are likely to be greeted by Millie, the canine concierge.

Along with Saint Kate — The Arts Hotel and The Pfister Hotel, two other pet-friendly Milwaukee properties owned and operated by Marcus Hotels & Resorts, the Hilton Milwaukee City Center offers a special package for guests traveling with dogs. With these types of accommodations and myriad pooch-accessible public areas available in Wisconsin’s largest city, no wonder one of its many nicknames is Mildoggy.

Ever since she was 10 weeks old, Millie has been a welcome sight at Hilton Milwaukee City Center, at first spending a few hours per week in the lobby. Now the 2-year-old mini Goldendoodle puts in a full 40-hour week Tuesday through Saturday greeting guests as well as their dog companions.

Rusty Dahler, the hotel’s concierge and Millie’s owner, worked with fellow Hilton Milwaukee City Center employees to train her to react well with other animals, says Kevin Wells of Reputation Partners Communications. He adds that Millie’s easy temperament has allowed her to learn quickly on the job.

“It’s very common to hear people step off the elevator or arrive through the parking garage hallway asking, ‘Where’s Millie?’ even before they reach our lobby,” added Wells. He’s not exaggerating Millie’s popularity: She has her own Instagram account with more than 6,000 followers, and the hotel sells such souvenirs as Millie-themed socks and stuffed dogs.

The Hilton Milwaukee City Center’s “Friends of Millie” package, for dogs up to 75 pounds, is $100 on top of the regular room rate and comes with dog treats, a dog bed, a special “do not disturb” sign and a chance to meet and play with Millie.

Less than a mile away from the Hilton Milwaukee City Center is The Pfister Hotel, which offers the Rover Night package for guests and their dogs (no weight limit). Priced at $100 in addition to the regular room rate, the Rover Night special comes with a doggy gift basket, which typically has a plush pillow, treats, toys and/or maps to nearby parks, and it covers the pet cleaning fee. Also, a monetary donation will be made in your honor to the Elmbrook Humane Society in Brookfield, Wisconsin. To make a room reservation, go here.

A donation to the Elmbrook Humane Society is also part of the experience when you book a stay with your dog at Saint Kate — The Arts Hotel, a 219-room property celebrating artistic expression that Marcus Hotels & Resorts opened in June. Same as The Pfister, it’s $100 on top of the room rate, and there’s no limit on dog size. Dogs receive a pet bowl and bed (based on availability), plus dog treats. Take note, dog owners: Saint Kate is near two parks and the Milwaukee River. Reservations can be made here.

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