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  • Scruffs Self-Cooling Mat

    Scruffs Self-Cooling Mat

    The Scruffs Self-Cooling Mat is designed to provide relief for your pet. Filled with a nontoxic gel, the mat will…

  • Enriched Life Habitats

    Enriched Life Habitats

    Habitats make it easy for pet parents to nurture what’s in their pet’s nature every day.

  • Castle Lizard Lounger

    Castle Lizard Lounger

    The best-selling Penn-Plax Castle Lizard Lounger features a new stylish hideaway and crawl-through. The super-sized resin offers the perfect place to hide…

  • Immune-D


    Liquid supplement contains more than 200 micronutrients.

  • Just Dog Ear Wash

    Just Dog Ear Wash

    Natural remedy uses minimal, but very effective ingredients.

  • Penn-Plax Bird Bath

    Penn-Plax Bird Bath

    Easy-to-maintain bird bath provides a safe outlet for your pet without leaks or spills.

  • Petstages Chase Meowtain

    Petstages Chase Meowtain

    Fun toy for cats features four spinning balls.

  • Hide-N-Sleep Alligator

    Hide-N-Sleep Alligator

    This product for ferrets is made of plush fabric that is comfy, cozy and machine-washable. It is spacious enough for…

  • King’s Cages Enrichment Foraging Station

    King’s Cages Enrichment Foraging Station

    Give your bird more freedom and fun when it comes to foraging. Made of Java wood filled with all natural…

  • Yummy Combs SuperChews

    Yummy Combs SuperChews

    Chews provide energy, essential vitamins and minerals.